Google first demonstrated the smart glasses Google Glass

Google has decided to show its users a principle of its hi-tech glasses Google Glass, which has long been a lot of rumors circulating.
To do this, search giant Google has posted a video network on which you can see the functionality of smart glasses Google Glass: photographing, receive messages, send e-mail to carry out the voice commands, record video, watch the weather forecast, to conduct video chat.

In addition, the video shows how the user actually sees the sensational score through them.

According to the developers, to work with such technological advances as the super-spectacles Google Glass, quite easy even for the first time:

"Say," Photograph! "To take a picture. Write down everything you see, with your hands will be free. Even you can share all that you see online. All in front of you - say, to send a message or to translate what you need. Get notified when prompted that you need. Ask whatever you have in mind and get the answers ».

Innovative glasses will be sold in five colors - black, gray, blue, red or white and will have sunscreens.

However, it is still unknown when the glasses Google Glass will be available and how much will be officially (rumored to 1500 dollars).


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