The Parable of the coffee

Comes to a young girl and her father says:
 - Father, I'm tired, I have such a hard life, such difficulties and problems, I always swim against the tide, I have no more strength ... What do I do?
Father instead of an answer set on fire three identical pots with water. One threw a carrot, an egg laid in another, the third poured milled coffee beans. After a while he pulled out of the water carrots and egg and poured a cup of coffee.
 - What has changed? - He asked his daughter.
 - Carrots and cooked egg and coffee beans is soluble in water. - She replied.
 - No, my daughter, this is only a superficial view of things. Look hard carrots, having been in boiling water, become soft and pliable. Fragile and liquid egg was hard. Outwardly, they have not changed. They only changed their structure under the influence of the same adversity - boiling water. And people - strong appearance, and can be pasted weaklings where fragile and tender only harden and become stronger ...
 - A coffee? - She asked.
 - Oh! This is the fun part! Coffee beans are completely dissolved in the new hostile environment and changed it - turned into a wonderful flavored drink. There are special people who do not change because of the circumstances - they change the very circumstances and turn them into something new and beautiful, and benefiting from the knowledge of the situation


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