8 Rules of creative people:

1. Failures - it's nothing.

When you have something does not work, it does not mean that you - a loser. Failure - it's just something that happens periodically. You need to learn from your mistakes, and do not give up under their onslaught. Creative people often take their failures to heart when they should not do. Errors - it's just part of learning, growth and life. Show me a man who knew no failures, and I'll show you a man who never did and did not. Are you the kind of person you want to be. Do not let failure become your second "I". It is better to learn from your mistakes, use them in order to become a better, more creative person.

2. go beyond the instructions.

One of the characteristics of a truly productive creative personality - the ability to go beyond and to push the boundaries. Make it so that creativity to give you easy and entertain you. You are doing the job in half the time and with much greater ease than any Tom, Dick or Harry, why do not you go further? If you can improve the idea and make everything better, then cook them. This will not only give you the pleasure of work and additional opportunities for creativity, but also allow others to evaluate your efforts. And if they do not, then you lose? Oh, nothing! In fact, you will learn more about the work than would have learned by working within the minimum necessary labor.

3. Try new.

As I have said, it is worth us to find a suitable embodiment of the idea, we immediately begin to look for ways to improve it. But what if we think really creatively? Set free your imagination and try something you never until now have not tried. The same applies to your privacy. If you come out from his cozy burrow and go out into the world, your creativity will flow in a completely new direction for you. Meet new dishes, other cultures, new ways of thinking and acting. Take part in a poetry contest, visit a museum with whimsical sculptures, dine on the terrace in the city center, just watching people. You might wonder how all this will inspire you.

4. Teach others what they have learned themselves.

The best way to store information in long-term memory, it is to teach someone else. Do not shake over the revelations and ideas. Share with other prey. Do you think that sharing with someone, you are left with nothing. But it is not. The more you distribute, the more have, so start sharing!

5. Let the work becomes play.

If work brings you pleasure, it does not work, but is it? If the daily routine seems to you a pleasant vacation, you do not burn at work. Whatever you do - you should enjoy it. If you do not like something, then do not do it! Do something with what you need to quickly deal or just spend your time on it? Do you love or hate it? The choice is up to you. But being a creative person, the more you hate your job, the less creative it is.

6. Relax.

Despite how much we enjoyed his work, we, nevertheless, it is necessary to periodically it to rest. Take a vacation. Spend a weekend doing nothing. Even during everyday work function due to the desktop, to dine and immerse yourself in the real world. Your brain - not a machine. He constantly needs breaks to recharge the batteries and re-experience the creative impulses. If you're bored or something you are not happy, rest a few minutes to learn, can I restore my joy in life.
7. Work even when others do not work.
When you see how other people kick noodle, you might be tempted to do the same. In the end, if they get away with it, why should not I go? Well, it should not. Do not succumb to this temptation. It is harmful not only for your mood and performance, it also saps your brain. Make the most of and enjoy the work. The more experience you get - especially when other nets - the better you will feel. And apart from that, the people you work for, appreciate your self.

8. Always something to invent.

As a creative person, you see familiar things in a different light. You need to make sure that the creativity in your life has been continuous. Do not think that leaving work, you give creative holiday. Way every aspect of your life will be creative. Enjoy this home: do cleaning creative, imaginative approach to relationships, invent creative gifts. Do not think what you are doing you are at work. If you're at work, at leisure enjoy a painting. If you draw - start sewing. If you sew - become an interior decorator. The idea will come to you. To be truly creative person, you have to step outside your comfort zone and find new ways to express themselves.


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