15 serio-comic life principles that work:

1. Axiom Kahn and Orbena:
If nothing else helps, read, finally, instructions!

2. Law Yang:
All great discoveries are made by mistake.

3. Law Meskimena:
There is never enough time to do the work as it should, but the fact that its remake, currently located.

4. The eighth rule Fingeyla:
Teamwork is very important. It allows you to put the blame on the other.

5. Corollary Lerman:
You will always be missed either time or money.

6. Law Research Murphy:
In defense of his theory is always possible to carry out sufficient research.

7. Observation Ettore:
Neighboring queue always moves faster.

8. Law Segal:
A man with one watch knows for sure what time it is. A person who has a few hours, nothing is sure.

9. Rule interdependence Richard:
The fact that you keep for a long time, can be discarded. Once you throw something, you need it.

10. Sausage principle:
For those who love sausage and respect the law, do not see how to do both.

11. Postulate Harrissona:
For every action there is an equal and opposite criticism.

12. The law of professional practice Drew:
Who pays less than all, more than any complains.

13. Act Van Roy:
Unbreakable toy is useful to break her other.

14. Law of the search:
It is necessary to start the search from the wrong place.

15. Banana principle:
If you have bought unripe bananas, by the time of their maturation no longer remain. If you bought them ripe bananas spoil before they have time to eat.


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