Style "lady vamp" the stars

As is well known, repeated fashion. Even last year, the fashion for dark, almost black lips, caused a stir among the stars. Many stars have tried on the image of the "Lady vamp" lipstick lipstick dark brown, burgundy or carmine color. But this year the fashion for dark colors are not faded. And its "flash" we occasionally meet on the faces of the fashion beauties. Despite the fact that the image of "Lady vamp" still more suitable dark-haired girl, blonde Hollywood dare to try this image on itself. And yet, to whom more is this shade? Suggest a photo gallery of blondes and brunettes star with lipstick shade "vamp».

Rooney Mara:

Cobie Smulders:

Jessie J:

Naomie Harris:

Katy Perry:

Camilla Belle:

Liberty Ross:

Kerry Washington:

Lea Michele:

Anne Hathaway:

Lily Collins:

Kat Dennings:

Selena Gomez:

Bella Thorne:

Jessica Alba:

Brooklyn Decker:

Kate Bosworth:

Ashley Olsen:

Jennifer Lawrence:

Rita Ora:

Ireland Baldwin:


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