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Several times had been in northern China. I want to provide a small photo for chips. This is my first post - please do not judge strictly!
All photographs are taken in one period of March 12-15, 2010 in Dzyamusy, Heilongjiang Province. City small by Chinese standards - at the time of a visit of about 3 million inhabitants, including suburbs and cities satellites (according to information from the Internet).
On the road (traveling from Khabarovsk, through the border crossing point Amurzet), even on the territory of Smidovich got into a car accident -voditel asleep and we slid into a ditch. Later, China began a strong storm, which ended for the night.

After check-in and late lunch went with my colleague V.I.K. Find shop where you can buy long evening needed. According to information from the satellites were looking for a local supermarket "Tomato»
First impressions of the city suddenly very clean - no candy wrappers, no bulls, no peculiar smell.

No one spoke in Russian, in contrast to the border towns, which previously visited.
Finally, and quite by accident, we found the entrance to the store that is was underground.

First impression - great!

Do not come to the surface on transitions can take a few quarters and visit several shopping centers, without coming out in the open air.

Trays with different varieties of rice.

Kashi. Gaining different cereals in one pack and then you razmolyut them at the right size - at least in the flour.

Cooking. I want to remind - the price in yuan, Jin weight (0, 5 kg.).
Jin (Chin. 斤) - a traditional Chinese unit of weight; in China currently stands at 500 grams. (Wikipedia)

Traditional (in our understanding) meat.

Traditional (in Chinese meaning) meat.


Neither fish ...

... No meat

This is poprivychnee

Shrimp and the like.

Bread department

V.I.K. the purpose of our trip to the store.

Your humble servant.

About the size of the store can be judged by the number of banks - it's the middle of the hall.



At the height of the evening

Have fun!

The next morning - otpaivat coffee KFC

Where Shoot all the garbage?

The answer cleanliness of streets

Local street fastfood

Strolling through the city

It is not ethnic Chinese, is either Tajiks or Kyrgyzstan - are well aware of Russian, but shy away from dialogue

TV Advertising, sings great!

I went haircut. 50 rubles

Shop selling sweets and nuts

The seamy side of urban life - coal boiler

Residential building with a courtyard

Tajik Met - here they have us as Russian

Roast the seeds

V.I.K. try local vodka from the barrel

And it looks like vodka market in the supermarket

We gathered as a group in a seafood restaurant.
Fake food

Price per serving

Choice Seafood, recall the price for a pound.

Bon appetit!

After dinner

Several shots for last. Local souvenir - the view from the suspension bridge

Souvenirs of gold


Souvenir cabbage price of RMB 127,000

And finally, the mountain 999



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