The Audit Chamber has convicted Rosreestr illegal registration of protected land

The Accounting Chamber during the audit revealed facts of illegal disposal of a Federal State Statistics Service of the Moscow region land occupied especially valuable objects of cultural heritage of Russia, according to the website of the audit department.

According to the Chamber, management Rosreestra in 2012 registered the ownership of two individuals in an area of ​​68 hectares and 12, 5 hectares, included in the boundaries of the ensemble of the estate "Arkhangelsk" in the Krasnogorsk district of Moscow region. In 2013, was registration ooo g Moscow «North" on an area of ​​44, 5 hectares, partly included in the Zone of the New Jerusalem Monastery in Istra district . Management Rosreestra also registered ownership UAB "ruble" in the 12 plots total area of ​​15, 5 hectares of which are fully included in the specially protected natural areas "Upper Moskva River" in the Odintsovo district.
Under the law, the land occupied especially valuable objects of cultural heritage of Russia, can not be transferred to private ownership.
Auditors also found that the territorial department of the Federal Property Agency in Moscow in 2012, selling legal entities land with total area of ​​more than 3, 5 million square feet. m in the Odintsovo and the Leninsky district at a price several times lower than the cadastral value. The amount of the shortfall in budget revenues from these transactions Audit Chamber assessed in 28, 1 billion rubles. The main buyers of plots were limited liability company "Metresurs", "Resource Service", "artifact", "Finprom" and "investment group." Three of the company was established by legal entities, registered in offshore jurisdictions, said the Accounts Chamber.



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