The history of things

Every day our lives are introducing more and more new design, fashion Soup and intelligent robots.
Thus, we completely forget about devices of the past centuries.
Of course, but why do we need them!
Let us remember them at least for common development.
In this article we have compiled the most worthy samples of counting machines for the past 250 years.
The starting point of the story - the 1786-th year and the Difference Engine Helfrika Johann von Muller.

The name of Johann Muller ph (1746-1830) is almost unknown to our contemporaries, but his achievements in the development of German engineering and technology can not be overestimated. In addition to the difference engine, which he created while serving in the army of Hesse, Muller has also designed its own sundial, air pump and an air gun, the ignition mirror and other useful tools.

The basis of counting device was taken stepper reel and Leibniz difference engine, previously designed by German engineer Philippe Khan. Apparatus Mueller was much larger (28.5 cm in diameter, height of 9.5 cm and a weight of 15.4 kg) and had the appearance of a round box with a lever in the center and dials on the perimeter. The device is operated with numeric digits and fourteen were suitable for settlement in nedesyatirichnoy notation.

The appearance of the device resembles a Victorian music box, rather than the usual calculator.

Another rare instance (balm for the heart for lovers of style steam-punk) - aritmometr WT Odhner Vilgodta Theophile Odhner presented to the public in 1893. Odhner was Swedish by nationality, but his engineering studies and business conducted in St. Petersburg.

This is not a gramophone record and the Jazz Age Calculator: British firm Adall produced such exquisite counting machines in the early 20-ies.


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