60 positive tips to improve your life by Robin Sharma

1. The exercise daily;
2. Treat seriously gratitude;
3. Think of your job as an art;
4. Expect the best and prepare for the worst;
5. Keep a journal;
6. Read "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin»;
7. Plans for the week;
8. Learn the top 5 priorities in your life;
9. Say "no" to distractions;
10. Drink more water;
11. Improve your work every day;
12. Find a spiritual mentor;
13. Hire a trainer;
14. Get up at 5 am every day;
15. Eat less food;
16. Find the heroes for themselves;
17. Become a hero to someone;
18. Smile at strangers;
19. Be the most ethical person from those who know;
20. Do not settle for anything less than perfection;
21. Savor the simple pleasures of life;
22. to save 10% of their income each month;
23. Spend time in art galleries;
24. Walk in the woods;
25. Write letters of thanks to those who helped you;
26. Forget those who have wronged you;
27. Remember that leadership involves influence and impact, but not titles and awards;
28. Create unforgettable moments with those you love;
29. Make friends with 5 great people;
30. Become a stunningly polite;
31. Disconnect the cable tv;
32. Sell your TV;
33. Read daily;
34. Avoid the news;
35. Be happy with what you have;
36. Follow your dreams;
37. Be real;
38. Be passionate;
39. Apologize when you know that they must do it;
40. Never miss a moment to congratulate the other person;
41. Have a vision of his life;
42. Know your strengths;
43. Focus your mind on the good instead of experiencing a lack of anything;
44. Be patient;
45. Do not give up;
46. ​​Place your order at home;
47. Use the word flawless;
48. Explore more;
49. Review the "way of thinking that leads to success»;
50. honor their parents;
51. Pay a generous tip;
52. Be strong member of the team;
53. Do not waste energy on criticism;
54. Spend time in the mountains;
55. Learn the top 5 values ​​in their lives;
56. Go from employment to achieve results;
57. Do innovation and repeat the success of others;
58. Talk less, listen more;
59. Be the best man of those who know;
60. Make your life meaningful.


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