Chinese supermarkets - from crocodiles to the men's bikini

Objects and products that can be bought in some Chinese supermarkets in any sane Russian human cause at least bewilderment. Why are only crocodiles Fresh-frozen oranges in the teeth and antibacterial male bikini. Fresh frozen crocodiles.

World prices for specific products such as pork snout I do not know, but the 7.50 yuan per kg. Rice - it's something about our 40 rubles, or $ 1.2. Very inexpensive.

Meat series.

Vegetable oil. Orange juice - a gift.

Turtles and frogs.


Dog ribs.

Assorted their reptiles.


Another frog.

A wide range of sticks.


Excellent granulated beef.

The pig muzzles.

Bull penises.

Antibacterial male bikini.



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