15,000 crocodiles escaped from a farm in South Africa (9 photos)

In the night from Saturday to Sunday River Limpopo, due to prolonged heavy rains, burst its banks.
The home team is in the river farm "Rakvena" is breeding crocodiles were forced to open the gates frightened,
otherwise the water will carry the walls of the farm. Toothy livestock farmers are not confused and took the opportunity to leave the place reservation.

At the moment, several thousand have already caught reptiles, however, most of the 15,000th colony
extremely dangerous predators frolic in the swollen river or exploring the farm neighbors unlucky farmers.

Police and soldiers rushed to the aid of the farm workers, but for catching crocodiles requires certain skills that civil servants, unfortunately, do not possess.

The local population is notified about the incident. Authorities advised the population to stay at home, and in any case, do not attempt to catch or chase reptiles, particularly emphasized in any case miss their tail.

Some particularly nimble individuals managed to escape for just half a day on the whole 120 km from the farm, they were discovered by local residents, at a school rugby field.

Zane Langman and his son, the owners of the ill-fated farm, take an active part in the capture and rescue of residents of crocodiles, a flood, and from their own pets.

Flooding itself has already claimed 10 lives, how many people suffered as a result of escape predators, not yet reported. The situation is complicated by the fact that about 200 houses, located in the immediate vicinity of the river, were destroyed, and people sometimes had to wait for evacuation escape from the wreckage of the predator-infested water.

Of course, the locals before encountered crocodiles, but not in such numbers. The Limpopo River near the village of vodilos only a few, but now it is full of them. The entire population of the district is involved in the aftermath of the incident, everyone who has the skills to hunt crocodiles, helps the police and the military, and who has not, carefully scrutinizes the surrounding landscape, and calls where it is necessary, when it detects suspicious movement in the bushes or dirt.

It is easiest to catch predators at night, their eyes gleaming red, reflecting the light of lanterns and torches.

It is fortunate that the farm in this season dominated the young. Most crocodiles have not been able to grow more than 1-1, 5 meters.

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