"If you think your educational system is not perfect and is not effective - it just means that once you have studied well in this system, graduated with honors, and have lost the ability to knowledge! You look at things superficially and primitive - to the best of his understanding of the processes and phenomena in the universe.

Healthy and insightful mind, capable of penetrating into the essence of things and to know their true nature, has long been would have noticed that the current education system is poor and flawed only in achieving the goals that it conditionally gives society. But it is extremely effective for achieving other goals that society does not even know. Fortunately, the public is not given to see this truth. Because all members of the society went through distortion mechanism outlook dysfunction and mental abilities in the education system. They are not crazy, these people, but they are in a particular state of mind, which turns in their eyes the whole world around the theater of incredible coincidences that are not related to each other and totally controlled from above. And this deep thinking the same defect, not only for pupils and students, but also for teachers, head teachers, principals, deans of faculties and Rector of the Academy, professors, academics and education ministers. Yes, yes, we have them all. Therefore, we are not afraid of being exposed. Among you there is no one who is still able to cover the entire depth of your mind processes and penetrate into the essence of the objective pursued. For three hundred years we teach you in this system. Only we know what we teach you ... »
Eric Lambert

"The education system in the United States' 2002

Thousands of caring parents and young teachers in our country and around the world periodically raise the question of what the school system needs to be reformed. They argue their point of view mass claims to the school education system:

 - Say it is not conducive to the formation of personality, and even vice versa - leads to blur the distinction between children in schools by imposing the same shape and behavior

 - Some knowledge in schools are not timely, and, to be precise - much sooner than they can in principle be assimilated children (for example, Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace»)

 - The system of transfer of knowledge from teachers to children is not effective, and the children get out of school and do not understand that the continents - 6, and oceans - 4

 - Now say that the school takes in children too much time and deprives children of their childhood, but in the future it will take even more time, because the amount of knowledge accumulated by mankind inexorably rising, and its development requires not years but decades! < br />
But the years go by, and very few people at the top of listening to the claims below. Children still wear uniforms, are blue in a desperate attempt to understand Tolstoy and Dostoevsky, skip classes to go to the toilet and diplomas, reflecting better or worse mastering the internal structure of ciliates shoes, but absolutely not able to live in the modern world. We believe that all of this - the result of bureaucracy, laziness or stupidity of Ministers of Education, which from year to year for 50 years say ostarevshie curricula. In fact, we have always considered themselves as smarter than others.

"If you see that the education system does not lead to the goal set before her, and you're worried about it - you have a choice: to consider the people behind these processes complete idiots, or try to understand what goals can be pursued by them actually ..."

TILING outlook and kaleidoscopic cretinism

Notice what an interesting system of knowledge is given to us in school. Pupils get a basic knowledge of a variety of areas: the structure of ciliates shoes, the distance from the Earth to the Moon, the circumference of the equator, the name of the oceans and continents, the capital of Japan - Tokyo, the date of the Second World War, the multiplication table 2x2 = 4, the rule of "Ms." and "shi" write the letter "i", a poem by Pushkin, the formula of water H20, periodic table, my name is Vasya, the formula for solving equations such as ax2 + bx + c = 0, Darwinian evolution, the structure of the circulatory system in insects of the order Lepidoptera ...

A huge amount of completely incoherent scattered knowledge, none of which has no practical application in everyday life, none of which brings us closer to understanding the meaning of life, to succeed, to harmony with the environment, to the happiness and peace, love and wisdom . None of this knowledge gives us a system of values ​​and goals, none of them, not all of them in the complex does not give us an understanding of the true nature of all things and the relationship of all processes.

Did you ever wondered method of knowledge transfer one generation to the next generation? While your child is sitting at the desk, the teacher dictates to him from memory or from the textbook rule. In fact, it simply duplicates the voice of knowledge that has already been transferred to a new generation in the form of a textbook and can be read without the participation of the new generation of the teacher at any time if the need arise. Well, considering that we need a teacher to explain not understood. But why, then, again, we write a rule in the book, which is then taken to check and must contain dictated by the rule? Why children are used as replicates of printing equipment for the information that the same success can be printed at the factory? And most importantly - why then throw these notebooks, written with such zeal, and not to transfer them to a new generation so that it no longer waste time on Marani paper, and think more and penetrate into the essence of processes? And why then cause the board to verify the accuracy of verbatim memorization of rules, formulas, text and dates? You may say that it is - just an extension of memory? No, what is "the development of memory" about 0, 2% of you found on the Department of Psychology. And this is - to develop blind obedience to the rule, the suppression of free thought, the substitution of the ability of deep knowledge and insights into blind obedience to authority and truth. This training memorization of laws and obeying the law. This training slavery.

In fact, at school with us doing the following: we reveal the skull and using methods of suppressing the will for a decade poured into it a huge amount of debris that can be represented in the form of various geometric shapes, painted in different colors (see the figure). After that, the skull glued with superglue and thoroughly shaken to mix the information it is poured into the trash. After that, the ear insert pen drive kaleidoscope, which is officially called "the media." After each turn of the handle drive kaleidoscope before our eyes and in our minds, a new idiotic picture of the world that has nothing to do with reality. Though we have to turn the handle of a kaleidoscope, again and again we will be getting more and more new pictures of world, using the same set of basic knowledge. Nor is it the best of human knowledge does not hurt to create in his world any desired pattern. Turn the knob - and here it is international terrorism! Turn the knob - and here it is salvation from viral diseases as a vaccine! Turn the knob - and the flu again mutated into "the pig", "cow", "chicken" and whatever. Turn the knob - and millions of people in fear of AIDS put on his genitals piece of fat rubber. Turn the knob - and in the history of all peoples were great homosexuals!

The effect described is not a "bad result of the work of the education system" - on the contrary: this effect is the primary purpose of the education system and the scientific name is "KALEYDESKOPICHESKY cretinism».

"Kaleidoscopic cretinism" - a pathological inability of man to penetrate into the essence of things and speculative to link together the individual processes and phenomena to form a holistic worldview and understanding of all complex phenomena in their dynamics and relationships.

Bottom line is very simple: we know what the dollar, but really do not understand why it grows. We know the date of the beginning of World War II, but we do not know why Hitler had brought from all the libraries of Europe interrogation reports witches inquisitors why he burned millions of Jews, if none of them took away his lunch at school that he was looking for in Tibet why it has become the symbol of the swastika, why he had not bathed or brushed his teeth ... We know that the lizard's tail grows, if they throw it in the event of danger, but do not know why we do not grow torn mine hands and feet. We know that the teeth are composed of calcium-rich bone tissue, but do not know why people - the only creature on the planet, which constantly need a dentist to treat teeth rotting. We know that our earth revolves around the sun and around its axis, but we do not know why it all revolves, not hanging on the spot and tossed from side to side. What power is it unwound? And who chose which way it will spin?

We know so much and so little at the same time understand that only a highly advanced system could provide this effect, and it is - "the education system". It creates an ideal and universal slaves, which can be used in very different fields and industries with little or no additional training on the basis of their inherent basic knowledge and a complete lack of understanding of their role in the universe!

But this system does not apply to all ...

You probably will not be easy to believe, but there is a small country, which has several private schools, where they teach the other books, and these books are no multiplication tables. Instead it has a section «The method of speculative calculation of any fractional and integers construction of a three-dimensional numerical matrix» - «the speculative method of calculation of any fractional and integer construction of three-dimensional numerical matrix," which allows for a few seconds multiplied by 648,923 to 325,787 in the mind without using a calculator.
There are also many other institutions and places where children are taught entirely different methods, where they are trained to do, with pleasure and desire. Where a couple of months of study they perceive news school mathematics or physics, where children receive diplomas from high school in 12-13 years, and the end of the institution of higher education - in the 17-18!

Yes, dear reader, you are faced with this phenomenon in the program "Unbelievable but true", but always thought it was a trick or exceptional abilities, which manifest themselves in extremely rare cases, after the fall of his head on the pavement with a fifth floor balcony. Now you know that this is not the focus, "method". And this is not the only method by which you never have mastered, if you go to school because there are not only not give this method, but also make every effort to ensure that you never mastered it. You never have mastered a method that enables the development of more than 120 languages ​​and dialects without zubreniya textbooks and communicate with native speakers. You never have mastered the method of impact on the psyche and behavior of another person through a deep and thorough understanding of the principles of his brain. You never have mastered the whole reservoir of knowledge, which are called "methodological knowledge 'and allows it to penetrate into the essence of phenomena and processes and methods to acquire control of these processes. Because these skills are within a fundamentally different system of education, referred to as "mosaic system" and form the so-called "TILING WORLD».


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