What do the sake of beauty

As you probably know, South Korea has long been a leader in the number of transactions in the population. According to official data for 20% inhabitants of this country have gone through any operation. Local leader for changes in appearance made a risky surgery to remove the lower jaw to her face began to resemble a heart. This form of the face is considered the ideal of female beauty in much of East Asia.

Photos before and after surgery were placed in one of the Japanese blogs. They demonstrate the effect of the risky operation, change the shape of the jaw.


Her eyes also changed - they became more. It is not known whether this is the result of other plastic procedures.


Behalf of the "victims" of plastic surgery is not called. At the same time of the photos can be concluded its work on one of the South Korean television.


Many people have wondered about the reality of these surgical transformations, and some did, thought the product photos "Photoshop».
Nevertheless, the fashion for radical surgery is gaining popularity in South Korea, this also applies to operations to remove a portion of the jaw bone. This week, the network has photos from the Korean surgeon who collects the patient's jaw elements in his office.


Source: infosmi.net


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