Amazing street art by street artist RONE

Austrian artist RONE known for its luxurious glamorous pictures of women far beyond Europe. Constantly searching for points of contact between poverty and wealth, beauty and destruction, he creates equally important works of urban art, albeit with a strong emotional inflection.

RONE, after Miami, Hong Kong, London and Portland this time decided to decorate the 5-storey building in Berlin, a giant mural of the famous Australian model. At this time the artist was the muse for blue-eyed girl, Teresa Oman.

Teresa Oman

Inspired dilapidated facades of buildings in Berlin and incomparable with them female beauty RONE create a tranquil and yet disturbing images, change the whole street. It took him five days to surprisingly realistic portrait of a girl appeared in one of the houses on Nollendorfplatz.

In addition to incredibly vast area of ​​the Stone "canvas", a feature of the Berlin graffiti that the artist skillfully wrote well-employed person Teresa between the balconies and windows of a residential building.

Locals passing daily through Nollendorfplatz (Nollendorfplatz) on ground subway line, in admiration of changing the face of an old house.

However, this is not his first large-scale work. Starting with a native of Melbourne, its art scene are increasingly popping up all over the world, reflecting the style icons: heroic, alluring and quite dynamic. But always portraits RONE - is impressive, complex and very emotional area.

Wollongong 2012

Sydney 2012

Frescoes RONE rapidly occupy their unshakable place in the urban landscape, forever changing with almost unimaginable speed street scenery. Using the tranquil beauty to contrast, exhausted time, the walls, the artist creates his ephemeral-elegant style, superior beauty of street chaos.

Miami 2011

Port Vila, Vanuatu - Rone - 2013 from Everfresh Studio on Vimeo


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