It was a long time ago, but the truth.

In the words of the author: Wrangel Island, I drove to the easternmost part of the island. There was a thick fog, but the road is familiar to me, so I have no problem to get there. The Hut, which is located in a sheltered bay Draghi me after 120 kilometers.
Only a day later dispersed the fog, and just a few hundred meters on the shore I saw several bears.
With the break it was clearly seen that the carcass of a bear tried to pull the walrus is not the beach.

Later, he was approached by a bear with two cubs hungry and began to supersede persistently lonely bear carcasses of walrus.

And they succeeded, the bear gave way. Within an hour they struggled with the carcass of a walrus, but have not been able to pull it up on the shore.

Grubby little family come with satellite collars and pushed my mother with young cubs.

Grimy, too unlucky, they quickly drove large male.

He, too, have long tried to pull the carcass on the beach, but it did not.

I came another male, and they changed places.

He also did not have enough forces.

Came another mother with a cub and adult ceded their place, but they also did not work.

Came another male.

Surf washed away into the sea walrus, bear swam with him and threw the carcass and swept into the sea and washed up in another place the next day. But that's another story.
I sat on the shore of the day, the bears take turns changing and tried to pull the carcass is not beach, but none of it did not work.
So, with the mountain of meat next to no one, even the adult male was not able to take hold.
And all those tales - that a bear paw kills walrus, as you may guess is complete nonsense.
In the wild, there is often so close that the presence of food, does not always mean that will be able to eat.



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