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Look at the photos that were taken from the air in the United States. What kind of paintings in the world? ..

This site, for an intelligent, called calibration targets of aerial photographs. And it is a relic of the past, which is now simply decorates the landscape. All of them were made in the 1950s and 1960s, their shape, size and location, standardized by the US Air Force and NASA. - Size of 78 feet by 53 feet (23.7 by 16.1 meters) - Concrete or asphalt surface is painted in black and white rectangles painted on top - drawing - a set of parallel and perpendicular duplicate rectangles, with up to 15 different sizes. These sites were used for calibration, testing cameras installed on board the reconnaissance aircraft. Most of calibration purposes found in the Mojave Desert in California. This area is famous for the fact that it is tested and developed reconnaissance aircraft such as the A12, U2 and SR71 Blackbird. Most of these sites near Edwards Air Force Base in eastern Kern, California. Here on the 20-mile straight stretch is located almost in line, 15 of these sites.

Source: www.kcet.org


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