Unique robber

Decided once an American citizen to rob a bank. Went to the Bank of America, and on the form of deposit scribbled something like "This agrablenie, zosunte all the money in the Pocket", and then humbly stood in line to the window. But then visited his doubts, and suddenly someone had seen and what he wrote? May have caused the police? And he left the bank and went across the street to Wells Fargo Bank. Of all there was a lot less, and that he desired moment: our hero reaches a note to a girl - operator.

Operator girl smart, spelling decided that the robber is clearly the mind does not shine, and calmly told him that the note can not accept, because it is written on the letterhead of Bank of America, and here Wells Fargo. Because he can rewrite it on the form Wells Fargo or return to Bank of America. Lightly distressed robber, not strange, left the bank, and she immediately called the police. Five minutes later he was taken. Guess where? That's right, across the street, in the queue to the window BoA.


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