Winners of the "Darwin Award" in 2013 (10 photos)

Virtual "Darwin Award" is awarded every year for the utter stupidity. Usually it honored those who died by his own fault some incredibly idiotic way. Sometimes the prize is awarded and a living if they are a result of their actions have been unable to have children or, in principle, can not children. The idea is that the laureates can not contribute to the gene pool of humanity, and thus it is only improve.

Here are ten "winners of the" 2013:


Winner tenth place distinguished by the fact that trying to steal gasoline from home-van parked on a street in Seattle. He put one end of the rubber hose into the hole in the camper, the other - in his mouth and began to suck the air. When police arrived, they found the thief, writhing in pain near the camper in a puddle of sewage. Later it became clear that the man accidentally put his end of the hose into the gas tank, and in the Holding Tank. The owner of the van refused to sue, saying it had not laughed so.


This guy broke into five in the morning in a fast food restaurant "Burger King" city of Ypsilanti (Michigan), showed a gun and demanded the cashier to give all the proceeds. The cashier calmly told that he could not do that because ticket office does not open until the customer does not order a. Then the robber said he orders onion rings. But the cashier all so calmly remarked that the rings have only served breakfast ... Frustrated by the robber left the institution.


A woman came out of one of the New York store, a stranger snatched her purse and ran. The seller immediately called the police, a woman offender is described in detail in a few minutes he was detained. After that the thief was brought back to the store, saying he should hold identification. To which the man replied: "Yes, I knew this woman. That I stole her handbag ".


One guy from Arkansas to death wanted beer. He decided to break the window of a liquor store, grab a drink and escape. I found a suitable cinder block, raised it above his head and with all his might threw the glass. However, the window was made of Plexiglas and is not broken. Cinder block bounced and went straight to the head of the failed robber who fell unconscious. The whole story was recorded on a video surveillance camera.


This winner went into the Circle-K store in Louisiana, went to the cash register, put on the counter and asked for $ 20 change. When the cashier opened the cash register, the guy pulled out a pistol and demanded to give him all the money that the cashier immediately did. Then the robber ran away, leaving her $ 20 on the counter. The total amount stolen was $ 15 fines.


American teenager admitted to the hospital with serious head injuries. When asked how he received the injuries, he explained that he wanted to see how close he could bring his head to a moving train before they (head and train) face.


One bus driver from Zimbabwe was entrusted to carry to the hospital 20 mentally ill patients. On the way he really wanted to drink, and he made a stop at one of the illegal drinking establishments. When the driver returned to the bus, he found that all patients had fled. The man kept his head, drove to the nearest bus station and offered a free trip for the twenty-comers. Then he brought about anything unsuspecting passengers to a mental hospital, warning staff that all patients excitable and prone to bizarre fantasies. Deception was revealed only after three days.

3rd place

After a snowstorm in Chicago, a man spent an hour to clear snow from a place for your car. When a few minutes later he pulled up to park, he saw that his place was taken by a woman. He immediately shot her without a word.

2nd place

Cook one of the Swiss hotel lost a finger when the meat in a meat grinder twist and turned to the insurance company for compensation. The company suspected that the cook carelessly handled the equipment and, therefore, are to blame. To test this version I was sent to an expert who tried to repeat the actions of cooks and also left without a finger. Cook received his payment.


During the robbery in Long Beach (CA) James Elliott somebody tried to shoot out of his 38-caliber revolver, but got a misfire. And then he did what few people would have guessed: he turned the gun to himself, looked down the barrel and then pulled the trigger. At this time, the gun fired.


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