12 scientific "discoveries", was a falsification

Twenty seven million eight hundred thirty one thousand eight hundred nineteen

Most people blindly believe in what is shown on TV or in the Newspapers. However, in pursuit of sensation journalists often tend to exaggerate the uniqueness of open, if not ready to publish blatant nonsense, but would become more popular.

Site acquaints the reader with the most famous findings and research caught up with fabrications and forgeries.

Soon the world will be no blond In 2002, German scientists said that natural Blonds were born much rarer, and after about two hundred years there is no more. A year later the article was published, revealing the truth to the results of this study, they proved to be false.

Like the news, but for the extinction of red haired people, appeared in 2007. Then cosmetic company Procter & Gamble announced that during their research it became clear that red hair is on the verge of extinction. It was in the hands of the company and helped to boost sales of red hair dye. In fact, the gene responsible for red shade of hair, is transmitted from parents to children and disappear, can not.

Ancient robber of Liaoning

In the popular "National Geographic" magazine in 1999 published an article about discovered in China, ancient body, whose name can be translated as "ancient robber of Liaoning". The researchers claimed that they found ancient fossils are the missing link between theropods and birds. But it soon appeared that this Grand opening, nothing like a fake, consisting of disparate pieces of different fossils together.

False stones In 1726, Johann Beringer Professor Futbolnogo University showed the world discovery: ancient stones in surprisingly good condition, which were depicted various spiders, lizards and birds, as well as the symbol of God in the ancient language. Later in his works Boehringer said that these stones created by God. But it was much more prosaic. The "lying stones" created colleagues of the Professor who decided to play a trick on him. This joke has caused damage not only the reputation of Johann Beringer, but also the instigators of the prank.

Sixty eight million eight hundred fifty seven thousand ninety five

WikipediaИндонезийское tree-killer In 1783, the British magazine "the London Magazine" published a small article telling about the tree-killer that grows in Indonesia. It was written that his poison kills any creature and plant within twenty-five miles, and on the ground near the roots you can see a lot of skeletons of animals and people who ventured to approach him.

This tree really is, only a few journalists have exaggerated its danger. A poisonous tree kills anyone who touches it of people and animals, dangerous only its juice, leading to death if you use it inside. Local people in ancient times used this juice to lubricate the tip of their weapons.

Scam Sakala mathematics Professor Alan Sokal wanted to see if he actually place in a serious scientific journal, the real stuff, with a catchy title and filled with special terminology. The Professor wrote an article "Breaking the boundaries: Towards a transformative hermeneutics of quantum gravity" and submitted it in a major magazine. The article was published without confusion written in her delirium. After a while Alan himself had sent this magazine a letter in which he admitted that it was a joke.

Viliuiski list Thirty years ago the world saw the "Viljujsky list" — the list of various supplements, divided into separate groups according to the degree of positive or negative influence on human health. Every day they used thousands of people not paying attention, that foods are broken down rather chaotic and pointless. For example, in "Villisca the list of" citric acid is listed as a carcinogen, although in reality this acid is in most foods and living organisms. Still nobody knows who is the author of the list and what he wanted to achieve by posting it.

The skull of "Piltdown man" This skull was found in 1912, and immediately scientists announced that the "Piltdown man" is a new, previously unknown species of humanoid. There have been over two hundred studies in which the participants in one voice claimed that this skull is the missing element in the process of human evolution. But in 1967 it was announced that the skull of "Piltdown man" — a fake composed of parts of real human skull with attached jaw of an orangutan.

Twenty seven million two hundred thirteen thousand one hundred three

WikipediaВскрытие alien At the beginning of the nineties of the last century Fox aired a mini-movie showing alien autopsy. This video was shown on several channels, and later around the world, and people truly believed that scientists were able to study extraterrestrial life forms. Only after fifteen years the author of the video confessed that it was fake.

The Fiji mermaid

Phineas Barnum, the owner of a Museum of curiosities assured everyone that they put up little mummy is a real mermaid. Visitors who saw her, was in shock and could not believe my eyes. And rightly so! The mummy of the mermaid was fake, it was just the head and torso of a miniature monkey with a sewn on tail of a fish.

The giant from Cardiff In the mid-nineteenth century a man named George hull, a former atheist, had an argument with a priest about the veracity of a passage from the book of Genesis, which was written about the ancient giants. Later, the man decided to play the priest and hired master, cut from a huge piece of stone three-meter figure of a man and his head. And the head is George buried in the yard of his cousin, and after the announced "discovery". Eventually George sold "skeleton of giant" for twenty-three thousand dollars. Many years later he admitted that he cheated.

Twenty eight million nine hundred forty one thousand seven hundred thirty one

WikipediaАртефакты Archaeologist Fujimura Shinichi Fujimura in the early eighties found some ancient artifacts, and each new find was a lot older than the last one. Once the archaeologist announced that he had found the subject, whose age is about six hundred thousand years. In other words, an artifact of Fujimura was the most ancient material testimony of human activity. Exposed archaeologist journalists, filmed, Shinichi Fujimura as his hands burying "artifacts" in the previously prepared place. Since then, Shinichi's reputation as an archaeologist was completely destroyed.

Prolific Shen, Jan Hendrik schön German physicist became famous after he's made discoveries in microelectronics. Every discovery he described in detail, confirming the veracity of scientific research and experiments. In 2001, Shen has provided at least one report about the perfect opening every seven to eight days. All of them were published in scientific journals, and Jan Hendrik even got a scientific degree and several prestigious awards.

However, there were people who questioned the study of Shen. They found many inconsistencies, forcing the physicist to admit the falsification of their research. In the scientific community broke out a terrible scandal and Shen was deprived of his PhD.

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