One day, in the tenth century

Sometimes, of course I want to take everything here and throw. Going savage a couple of months as Paul ...

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Hi. My name is Pavel Sapozhnikov. I am 24 years old. In September 2013 I started a historical project, the essence of which - to live in the built up of ancient farm seven months without modern conveniences and communications. In fact, I live alone in the past. In the beginning it was very hard to get used to being alone and environment. However, willy-nilly, the project now - this is my life. Many people watching the developments and empathize with my old Russian adventure.
So I can describe one day of his life, colleagues gave me a camera with a notepad for taking notes. Since access to the World Wide Web I do not have, then all the material conveyed with the request to send to friends in the community.

There is a 111-day project, and I'm willing to tell you about one of his last day.
Sergiev Posad district
January 3, 2014

I wake up in the house. Dark and cool. During the night the oven has cooled and the temperature in the building dropped.

From a small jug pour linseed oil in Svetets (early medieval night light), and then set fire to the wick of the candle wax hand curled, which in turn had lit from the coals in the stove.

Deftly dress coil (a long, narrow strip of cloth, wrapping his legs up to the knee - footcloths great-grandfather), who all day had not rewind and not tightened. But this is gained on the project experience, ability, driven to automatism. Previously, it was much more difficult.

I check with his own production of calendars, which also serves as a kind of diary ...

... And make a notch above the door jamb on the second duplicate calendar so as not to lose count, and finally lost in the past. I went to the 111th day.

On the bench tightly laced leather shoes, dress shirt top of homespun wool and belts. The street is dark as well as in the home.

Dial dry firewood stored in a residential part of the house, burned bark and melt furnace, which erupted just a few minutes.

I throw a couple of logs larger, which means that the house will soon be a lot of smoke (from the ancient furnaces and chimneys there was no house burns in black). I have to start the daily affairs.

First of all, I check the barn. My main friends and those with whom you can talk, livestock 3 goats and chickens. Out of habit, I welcome all the animals, then recalculates the hens (that night the dead, for example, from the raids of the fox was not, and all the 13 birds on the ground, which can not fail to delight).

Goat is already waiting in the right place for the morning milking, so pull out because of the lintel bowl and put it under the goat. Left knee rests on the chest, so as not to run away, and start milking. The whole process takes less than a minute, and the milk yield is extremely meager - about 200 ml, for me at my physique not so little one sip. Immediately I drink breakfast and go out to the street, releasing at the same time the animals.

It is time to chop wood. Narubai Poleshko a quarter ...

.nabirayu water from the well and back into the living part of the house.

Very warm, but so smoky that nothing can be seen. Let out the smoke through the doorway and Volokovaya window. Then again, melt the stove dry chips (the two logs have burnt down) and start to cook.

In a special opening in the top of the stove put a pitcher of water. Thanks to the "burner" jar is heated by an open fire, and not on the rocks, which significantly reduces the time of boiling. Adding berries in boiling water, and a little honey, put on the bench and wait for (the house is small, usually lying in the loft, and the dry melting furnace fuel, the house can only be lying - acrid smoke spreads pretty low).

A few minutes later, "compote" boil, pour myself a mug and then laid on the bench. Slowly sipping uzvar, sing lingering song - because ending early in the morning.

Outdoor dawns, and it is time to begin the main activities. I go out into the street, I come to the well for a long time and looks around thoughtfully, making a plan for the coming day. Suddenly, the forest began to caw of crows. I immediately grabbed Sulitsa and ran to the edge of the forest, quickly examining the area along the edge and undergrowth, and went back to the farm. I fetched a month ago foxes, having to steal a cock and a hen, so now I'm alert and listen to the signs of nature.

After jogging in the forest, start their routine business and the first thing I close the barn door, and then I start to catch chickens. Twist the wings of the castle, I check every chicken - carried or not. Birds are sorted into three groups: laying hens in a closed barn tidy little scurrying to lock the barn and not rushing decide to kill for the first time on the project, but not at once - such is 2 birds.

I can share with you how I can be useful to determine chicken or it will have to eat. Firstly, it can be found on the belly if the chicken or rushing willing to bear - it is soft. Second, on the sacrum: from laying hens, the sacrum is usually a bone, and mobile, while not rushing narrow the distance between the bones, and they are fixed.

The choice fell on a less beautiful bird. I put it in the bucket and cover with a lid, and all other produce on the street again.

Next, the host master of the short forks, which is convenient to work in narrow spaces, such as a barn or a shed.

After that start to be engaged in cleaning the barn, which should be done 1-2 times a week. To begin with scrapes all the hay from the shelf, and then on the floor. But hay I do not often, since the decay it produces more heat and in the cold time of year is very important for me.

Next, drag the hay loft, I ...

... And put a lush bunches. The method of observation found that chickens better rush when a lot of hay, and it is laid in groups.

In the process of cleaning I find two eggs. Certainly not the best result, but it's only for a night, and the average hens lay 4-6 eggs a day. Found an egg neatly placed underneath the roof, not to go into a residential part of the house several times, and that the eggs do not accidentally broke.

I stand of the crib fir branches on the street because they are dried up, and goats stopped eating them. But as soon as the branches to be outside the barn, the animals eagerly began to gnaw them.

After that, I take an ax and a rope and head into the woods. Going just a couple of meters, I discover a fallen spruce. I cut down a branch and link them back to the farm. And here it is necessary to clean up the trough and to fill it with grain for the chickens.

Again ruble wood ...

... I dialed the water in the boiler, go into the house and put on the stove to warm. While the water in the pot begins to boil again to get a rest and warm up zavalenke legs that had frozen in the affairs of the street. Rooting in the X century is impossible.

It is time to start to cook. Basket with food stand on the street and all the animals are pulled behind me, waiting for something tasty.

I would cook a mess of pottage, so peel the onion, from which the husk immediately eat up the goat and prepare dried mushrooms - cut into cubes.

Add two eggs and grits, all to throw into the pot and put in front of the stove, stirring occasionally. After 20-30 minutes of my supper ready. But now we have taken for the chicken, which ugotovleno become a complement to dinner.

I go out into the street, pulled out a bucket of bird legs. Then I take a neck and a sharp movement I turn her neck. Cut off the head and wings, bear pot of boiling water to the well and scald the carcass. Honestly, before this I never had to kill the bird, but as the meat in my diet very little more milk, eggs and grits, then I direct the instincts.

Chicken butchered quickly enough, it was not enough meat - it will not Broiler from the shelves of supermarkets. Feet put in a bowl, and the rest is buried in the snow on the roof of the bath in order to could after a couple of times to cook chicken broth and eat chicken.

Preparations are made meal can be taken and for the house. I picked up the knife, examine the gap - blowing strongly, the oven is unable to cope with the cold. I take the shovel blades of goat (a month earlier, and I had to hack to death the goat, but the farm useful even bone) and head for home, where the snow hid moss.

Dialing a basket, I start to caulk the house, tucking into the slit moss.

Laborious and lengthy process. It took more than four baskets to remove all visible cracks inside the house and outside. After checking the inside with a candle all the cracks, I was pleased with the work and decide that it's time to milk the goat as it gets dark.

This time I caught a goat in the street and you just 100 ml. Even on polglotka not pull. Sighing heavily, he drank, and then started a nurse in the barn, and behind it and the remaining animals, wishing them a good night.

And now it's time to eat meat: wood already well burned and embers left, decided to make a BBQ legs.

After 20 minutes, the dish will cook for me and it was a truly royal dinner with the previously prepared soup.

When finished eating, I decided faded shirt. Stones during the day warmed up well, so I took them blacksmith tongs ...

... I threw in a barrel with water and soaked his shirt.

Dipping his hands into boiling water for a long time enjoyed the warm water, very much I missed the hot tub. He washed his face and neck began to wash.

Zastiryvayu always the dirtiest places - gates and sleeves ...

.a after several rinses issued clothes on the street, hung on a stick. It is a pity that there is no frost.

Because it was quite dark, and with it the economic part of the day came to an end, I'm singing, again entered the house. You can get ready for bed. Sitting comfortably on the bench, unwound winding ...

... I took out shoe insoles and socks, knitted special methods of early medieval knot and put on the stove to dry.

... And then dipped his bare feet in a bucket of hot water even in order to carry out the prevention of colds.

In the barn there was silence. I recheck the animals, letting them hot air from the stove, and began to bedtime.

Carefully folded clothes and spread the fur sleeping bag, I thought that's approached one day alone in the past. Different thoughts visit me here varies worldview and values, more thinking about the life of our ancestors, and the impermanence of the meaninglessness of life. But his eyes began to stick together, to struggle with heavy eyelids did not force, so wrapped up in skins, Svetets blew and fell asleep.

House to wrap up pitch darkness.



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