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Expert debugging of business processes, Alexander Levitas gave a master class in the framework of on-line training. Some of the most interesting quotes from this master class:

1. There are two approaches to the business organization: European and Japanese. Choosing a European approach, we first put this post, rates of wages and of these elements nashbiznes collect puzzle. According to the Japanese approach, you must first describe the process by which the work is transformed into a finished product. Personally, I am an ardent supporter of the Japanese approach. How Come? Compare the domestic "Lada Kalina" with "Toyota" in the same class.

2. Remember that the person who first came to work for your business, absolutely no idea how and what he should do. He needs instruction. Clear instructions need everyone. Thus, the founder of scientific management Frederick Taylor began by saying that he wrote for the steel mill regulations as to throw sand shovel. The time limit begins with the phrase "There are more than half way to ship sand shovel, and among these, only one is correct." Most people do not read further because clutching their bellies with laughter. But when technology Taylor was worked, the number of employees at this plant, which coped with the same amount of work reduced from six hundred to one hundred and forty.

3. All the people who arranged for you to work, can be divided into three groups. The first group - the people who do the work are always in good faith. They can be trusted to protect the bread in the besieged Leningrad. But such people are only 2-3%. The second category - people who will break the rules, even if you threaten to shoot them on the spot. If you've ever met in yellow newspaper headline "Wife multi caught in the store with stolen lighter ten rubles" - this is the same type of people they are about 5%. The remaining 93% - conformists. They will always act "like everyone else." Therefore, your task is to make sure that these "all" in your company were conscientious people.

4. Ironically, most people go to work for wages. But a good worker who thinks not only in the categories of today and wants to be appreciated, motivated by career development rather than salary. He is willing to lose money today to win tomorrow in a new way.

5. Intangible motivation - a tool that is included in those moments when we either do not want to give more money to the employee, or have already given money, but it did not help. For example, in the factory Ford once to satisfy the ambitions of machine repairman, without raising his salary, changed the name of his office with a "repairman-setter" for "Head of repair and adjustment┬╗.

6. What if we have a department has ten people, and we bought only two aypada? Give them to those whose work aypad really able to do better. Agree on a meeting with VIP-clients better to go with the new-fangled iPads, and not with a laptop purchased in 2005 at the sale.

7. Human survival rates is easier than to replace it. But it is easier to replace a man than to remake his personal qualities.

8. Remember the main thing: properly employed workers, equipped with the right instruction and the right tool, with proper motivation and proper control does its job well.


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