How to get rid of back pain?

Back pain can occur at any age. What are the causes of their appearance in young people? The first and most important reason for back pain - to find a long tense muscles in a static position: sedentary work, driving a car, long flights, carrying heavy loads, and sports. pain can also occur due to low physical activity. How to get rid of the discomfort that may be hazardous to your health?

1. Sleep on a firm surface.
2. Wear a corset. The injured area should be at rest, so consult your doctor so that he picked you brace device.
3. Use the warming ointment. Their use alleviates pain and relieves muscle spasms. Ointment can be replaced by mustard plasters or pepper patch.
4. Do massage. In case of severe pain should not engage in self-massage, contact an experienced specialist. Massage should be carried out after the sharp pain subsided.
5. Follow physiotherapy. Procedures such as lektroforez, transdermal analgesia and sinus currents perfectly removes back pain.


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