Through the eyes of a survivor

December 11 aircraft of "Makani Kai Air" went in flight from Kalaupapa to Honolulu, but it is only the engine broke down shortly after takeoff, and the aircraft crashed into the ocean. Fisherman Puentas Ferdinand - one of the nine passengers on board the plane - took out his camera GoPro immediately after take-off to capture the next, already familiar to him flying. But this time he captured a plane crash. 1. Now, a month after the disaster, Puentas published photos taken during the crash.

"We took off and two minutes after takeoff, the plane is gaining the desired height of 1800 m, we heard a loud sound from the motor. Then, in the cabin hung deathly silence, because everyone understood what was about to happen ».

2. "No one shouted and did not panic. It was too unusual, I had the feeling that I was in slow motion. I watched as the pilot tries to align the aircraft, passengers with horror looks out the window, and then on the ocean, which was approaching at great speed ».

3. When the plane crashed into the water, and the passengers got out, Puentas was in his element, because he works from an early age a fisherman. Problems arose when he realized that not cheated his life jacket and wet jeans and boots dragged to the bottom.

4. Fortunately, the pilot helped Puentasu inflate the vest. The pilot was held on the water with the help of the seat cushion. His face was covered in blood.

5. Despite the injury, the pilot shouted instructions to passengers, making sure that they do not drown.

6. The pilot told everyone to be disengaged from the plane and depart away from him, to immerse in water machine is not utyanula them away. Then they picked up for. Puentas noticed near the land and decided to swim for it.

7. "This attempt cost me a lot of effort," - he admits. First, he wanted to get rid of the heavy wet clothes, but then I realized that it is better not to do this, otherwise it may begin hypothermia or you can stumble upon a sharp reef.

8. As he swam, he saw over the head of planes and helicopters, and then suddenly saw the humpback whale. He recalls Puentas whale "like pierced my soul with his eyes».

9. Fortunately, the whale swam past without paying any attention to passengers and Puentas swam further. "On the shore of some guy trying dokrichatsya me, so I walked away because I was able to catch a wave».

10. "I tried to go in the direction he pointed, but the strength left me. Meanwhile, I noticed two Coast Guard helicopters. This gave me hope, and I regained a second wind ».

11. Fortunately, Puentas was able to overcome his physical and mental exhaustion and swim to the plane, where he was waiting for rescuers.

12. Finally, in this plane crash killed only one passenger.



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