The Parable of the ants.

There are Svyatopisaniyah chapter, which sets out the parable of the ants and it is no coincidence, since with these small insects could take the example of a great people.

One day, being in nature, I watched an amazing sight: waking up early in the morning, I see that in my five-liter transparent water tank got several dozen ants. First, they floundered apart, but then gradually began to gather in a pile. Seeing that the ants climb on each other and, as it seemed to me, drown their own to survive - I gave up the idea to help them. Imagine my surprise when, two hours later, I saw ants alive. They created a small floating island living, sitting on each other in the form of a pyramid. I am interested in the vitality of these insects, and I watched them. Those that were underneath, of course, located in the water, but up to a certain time. Voluntarily replaced ants with the top row. They went down into the water, and only then, tired to keep their relatives, insects crawled on the island for vacation living, then to again change his friends. And none of them tried to climb quickly to the top, on the contrary, in a hurry to go down into the water, where it was the most difficult. I was struck by their heroic self-sacrifice and mutual assistance, and so I decided quickly to help them. I found a spoon that fits easily into the neck of the vessel. When ants have seen the salvation, they organized one got out on land, but one still exhausted, could not cling to the edge of a spoon and left to wallow in the water. Noticing this, the last ant, bringing up the rear, came back. I seem to have heard that he was calling him and pleads: "Hold on, brother, I will not leave you!". Realizing that with the "shore" not reach the ant went down into the water, but then I could no longer look at this picture of the heart wrenching and pushed the spoon closer. Then it is easily reached for his brother and pulled it out. Thus, this lively floating pyramid survived thanks to mutual aid.

The whole process of observation has caused me a lot of different feelings. First there was a conviction, when I thought that the ants drown each other. Then, surprisingly, that they were still alive after a long swim in the water. Then it was just fun to watch them, but when I saw the well-established system of self-salvation, I was delighted. Each insect knew that he needed to do. And, of course, I'm sorry, that from the beginning did not help the ants. Their behavior made me ashamed. Finally feeling I experienced at this time - a great disappointment. Continuous flow to me were thinking about human vices - indifference, discord and hostility, etc. I wanted to shout to the world: - "People! If you do not know how to live and learn at least in ants. " Are we more stupid insect ?! No sense from human prayers, if they are not backed by deeds. Imagine that ants floating in the water, know that there are a savior, and begged him to help them, and he had not heard. When I saw mutual aid, help me to come immediately. Now imagine our lives: that's people live all over the earth like ants. A lot of grief on the planet - strife, war. Nemer set up temples and pray in them billions of people, begging the Lord for good, but for some reason, every day gets worse. How can God help us if we are to each other do not want to lend a helping hand ?! He just turned away from us. But if we come together and be assured that the most High shall certainly come salvation. It was a revelation. God gave me to understand that serving Him - this service to others, ie each other. Man praying and visiting temples, not a believer if he does not help those in need. Only united, we can build a "paradise" on earth, and only then will we live, as they say, a human being.


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