How children learn

China, which is not written about in guidebooks, located away from popular tourist destinations, can surprise and impress no less than the lights of Shanghai. Today we lift the smokescreen of the school on the outskirts of China.

At five o'clock in the morning thoroughly promёrzshie night school walls are filled with clattering sound from the radio speakers in jingoistic patriotic song form commend praise the "great helmsman of the Chinese people." Under these sounds pupils rise from their beds in the room, dorm, quickly dress and move in a fenced yard. Following in the predawn gloom dvadtsatiminutku they will do morning exercises on the concrete parade ground (in combination - the basketball court) on the signals and whistle under Verbal encouragement for the efforts of his teacher.

On the walls bordering the school yard, shabby hung posters with patriotic slogans and portraits of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, and, of course, Mao Zedong. Hence, exercise and warmed up after a cold night, the students will follow in promёrzshy class, where they are waiting for a two-hour lecture on the achievements and the "true path" of the Chinese people, the class struggle, the dictatorship of the proletariat, supported by quotations from the famous "Little Red Book". This is not the story of the science fiction novel about another dystopia, not Maoist version of "1984" by George Orwell, but the reality of the modern province in east-central China.

In contrast to the economically developed coastal areas, is rapidly moving in the future, in the agricultural hinterland of Henan Province, is considered the cradle of Chinese civilization, as if time stood still in place during the Cultural Revolution. Externally, the school in the village, whose name is consonant with the name of the philosopher and poet of the nineteenth century Tan Sitong, and reminds all landscapes from North Korea. Walls, long used to know the repair, a complete lack of heating and water supply, aged furniture, both in the classroom and in the living room. Pupils live there for eleven consecutive days, followed by three days off go to the parental home. All of them - come from poor peasant families scattered villages throughout the province. And for them, the school - the only way to get at least some education.

After the lecture - breakfast. Bowl of vegetable soup and a piece of bread with margarine. Responsible for food Wang Hui, the wife of a teacher, director and, in general, the owner of the school by the name of Xia. Farmer with teacher education secondary school founded in Sytune exclusively by its own forces and resources in 1994. Since then, despite the fact that over the years the number of students reached and six hundred, the only state in the provision of support expressed for free use of new editions "Little Red Book" of Mao. It's the students memorize the breaks between lessons in mathematics, chemistry and English. The study of the life of the "Great Helmsman" fanatically devoted to communist ideals teacher pays no less attention than the general curriculum, the remaining time allotted to public works. Because of all this activity is not ended until the evening. The disciples immediately prepared to sleep to 5 am the next day be raised patriotic songs in praise of Mao ...




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