Toyota will sell fuel-cell cars in 2015

Toyota Corporation has long and successfully sells "hybrids", which are quite popular in Europe and the United States, even though higher, compared to traditional auto price. The company is not the first time presents the concepts of "hydrogen" car, but this was the first time announced that in the next, 2015, these cars will go on sale.

And it will not point sell, cars with fuel-cell power will go on sale in all the world. True, the first run is still a test sale in California, USA. It is here that another company, Honda, began selling its FCX Clarity.

In California, inter alia, in the next year to begin construction of a network of hydrogen filling stations, and the money will be invested in the project are many: US $ 200 million.

As for the "hydrogen" car, the pre-production version was called Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle, and it will be presented next week in Frankfurt. Auto power plant is equipped with Hybrid Synergy Drive (the same is in the Prius). Furthermore, mounted two high pressure cylinders for hydrogen, as well as the battery 21 kWh.

On one refueling hydrogen car, according to developers, will travel a distance of about 560 kilometers. However, the price will be very high: 110 thousand US dollars.

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