How to survive the winter in Europe for 11 euros per night (10 photos)

If you want to get away from Russia for the winter, it is best to fly to Europe.
There and beautiful and not expensive.

Winter in the city of Spain is possible for 11 euros per night

Go to winter in warm countries is necessary to the beach, or a general sense of a journey. Who is the most accessible of the warmest countries in Europe is Spain. And the ease of the procedure for obtaining Schengen, and the prices for rental housing, and food prices.

Budget Hostel in Valencia can be found from 11 euros per person per day. 10 minutes walk to the center, 20 minutes by tram from the sea.

One reason for such a low price for the room - no resepshona. At the entrance you are met here this machine:

There you need to enter the reservation number obtained in advance and pay the stay by credit card. The cash machine does not accept free will not let me live. Once paid, the machine spits out a plastic key card, which you open the front door and the door of his room.

At the entrance you are met by an empty hall, silence, and here is a wooden idol.

Rooms in the hostel are made on the principle of one number - one country. That is, the interior of each room is made of representations of one culture or another.

For example, the number of Greece:

The hotel's hall is decorated very simply,

but tasteful.

11 euros per person per day. It's cheaper than rent an apartment in Valencia (400-600 euros per month + communal (150 euros).
No need to pay for gas, electricity and water, do not fuck, connect online, the rooms are cleaned every day and change the towels.
If you want to save more, and for dinner, you can prepare meals in local cuisine.
Washing machine, but you can use public launderette: 8 pounds of laundry washed it costs 4 euros.

That is the house you spend in a month is less than 26, 5 thousand rubles.
How much is a shoot odnushku in Moscow with a decent repair, we know.

P.s. Why Valencia?

Most south of Spain, the coast of Andalusia (Almeria, Malaga, Almunecar) - is too much in the * operator, almost in Africa.
From there, uncomfortable travel, and travel around the country you want: a trip to the intercity bus sverhkomfortabelnom (in which even the wi-fi (!), Sometimes there) is worth 20 euros.

Barcelona beautiful city, but it is too expensive, you can not save it.

And from Valencia, by the way, close to the Ibiza (a couple of hours on the ferry).
Though, to tell the truth, to do absolutely nothing there in the winter.



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