In the attic

As is known, in Soviet times, in the attics of Moscow and not only loved settles bums, drunks and free artists. Once upon a time of fun, even though the bucket in the corner instead of the toilets. But beneath the sky, and in the window watching the stars, not the annoying roommate with a telescope. Let's look at what attics living, resting and working people today in Moscow. Not to say that now in attics / lofts living standard people: sloping roof, no elevator and balconies deters many.
Add to that delays in the registration of property rights, spiced with corruption component, and the idea to settle under the roof goes into the category of lotteries.

Nevertheless, there are brave. Apparently, the descendants of those Soviet outcasts. In daredevils have money and fervor swept away enough to obstacles.
A friend of mine - one of those. I set out to in that whatever was to issue the attic, to renovate and live.
And the main obstacle to the dream got no official man with a briefcase dreaming of a small house near the sea - you can negotiate with him.
The insoluble obstacle - the old lady Soviet training that live in the stairwell. Oh, my friend cajoled them: the products carried, fed cakes, entrance to elevate his own expense agreed. But her grandmother - an old hand, rested and not give consent. And it lasts stoic resistance of the second year.

What's the motive attendants? Misunderstood. No cake, no they do not repair the entrance proberesh.
Pret them, the presence of the soul burn anyone at home attic, though not raised never there. Looks like not to be my friend, "Carlson under the roof of" never.

But not all stories end so sad, there are high-rise buildings in Russian and pliant tenants. And therefore, today will not be photo overseas, today only our Moscow lofts.

Penthouse in the residential complex "Kadashevsky Chamber»:

Penthouse Khakamada at Petrovka:

Or apartments with a tower-loft near HHS:

Another loft and attic not to call. Penthouse 294 sq.m. on the 10th floor in the "Italian Quarter".
Here 1 square meter of the concrete core of the proposed $ 26 400.

But if there is no money, do not say goodbye to the dream to live on a Moscow attic. For example, part of the attic housing the killed are now on the balance sheet "of the Moscow House of Artists." For a pittance little room on the roof of their rent.
For example, here this workshop in an alley near Rozhdestvenka.
The door is so narrow that creation is necessary to lower the window:

Yet there is a workshop on the roof Street, draft, 8. All lofts in this house belong to society "Artists of the new century." All the neighbors know each other the roof, make movies here, and throw parties:

Lead attic life and restaurants:

And even offices. DIRECT DESIGN Visual Branding settled in the turret on the Earthen shaft, 46:

This office "Rosagroproma" in Sokolniki.

So if your granny allowed entrance, you have the same chance to be on the roof of Carlson. Do you want to? ))



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