Love - is the work

Love - is the work, and possibly much more difficult than what we do in the service. In love there is no non-working time, weekends and holidays. As soon as you stop to work on relations with the dear man, they begin to become more fragile and at risk of fracture at any moment. Tricky thing, the relationship with your loved ones! Sometimes it seems that they resemble a broken clock, which stuck an arrow, approaching a certain figure. Whatever it said, the notorious crisis of family life, these same year, three years, ten years, and how much there is - still exist. And me, as a writer, is often asked whether there is a tool that will help to overcome these crises. I think it is. This means - love. When people cherish each other when they want to be together when they are ready to take your husband or wife for what they are - then no crises are not terrible.
Oleg Roy.


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