Earth - seen from space (28 photos)

Canadian astronaut Chris Hatfield (Chris Hatfield) is currently on the International Space Station as part of another expedition.
It has become very popular, thanks to the publication of a large number of pictures from space.
Let's look at his work.

Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco.

Lights of New York.

Brazilian field.

Eight countries in the clouds.

Night Quebec - hometown astronaut.

A string of Australian beaches.

Night Boston.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Lake Nasser, Egypt.

Flooding in Bundaberg, Australia.

Caribbean island of Aruba.

Cauliflower clouds over the Amazon.

Mysterious mountains of Venezuela.

Australian outback.

Strait of Gibraltar.

Istanbul and the Bosphorus.

Fires in the forests of western Australia.

Auckland, New Zealand.

Volcano Taranaki, New Zealand.

Lake Taupo, New Zealand.

Sahara Desert.

Clouds Chilean coast.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Dead Sea.

Snow storm in the southwest United States.



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