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I present to you a series of photos from the third part of the competition National Geographic in 2013, dedicated to pictures of people. "Athletes" .In Lenin Park on the background Tower of Hanoi Vietnamese children play badminton in pairs. On weekends, the park Lenin turns into a sports field for badminton and mini-football for adults and children. Hanoi, Vietnam.

"Pain." Player of the football team of the Pacific Lutheran University hid his face in his hands after a heavy collision with a player from the opposing team. September 25, 2012. Parkland, Washington, United States

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"My Girl." My parents had to be the 50th anniversary of the wedding. I spent the summer with them, when my father, now chained to the bed, took her hand and whispered my mother with adoration: "My Girl." I quickly took out my camera to capture the touching moment. That was the last time I photographed my dad. Among other things he was interested in photography. I think it's a hobby I have of it. Burgas, Bulgaria

"Do not move." I photographed her daughter with her girlfriend in the skatepark, where one of the skateboarders drove right over their heads, shouting, "Do not move." I heard him cry, and girls did not. They had no idea that he flies over them as long as he landed on the ramp behind them. I was able to capture the moment. They were really scared. Philadelphia

"The audience watching the game in the road bowling." For road bowling ball needs a little more than a pound of weight and circumference of 18 cm. The participants try to throw the ball as much as possible with the best speed and as accurately as possible on a specially selected road. The winner is the one who was able to throw the ball to the finish line in fewer shots. Picture taken during the 29 th championship for the sport in Ireland

"Playing with the pandas." Picture taken in Gamburge.1600 figures panda was established fighters for the protection of animals in front of Hamburg City Hall. This is part of a campaign aimed at to attract public attention to the problem of preservation of pandas in the wild there are only 1600.

"Hold my hand." Wesley Wade was born prematurely at 28 weeks. Parents reported that, depending on the test results to their child weighing less than 2 pounds may need heart surgery. At that time, as parents look at the child through the wire, a small fighter for life extends to them his hand, as if in a sign that all is well. Fortunately, the way it happened. Westley now weighs more than 10 pounds in their 4 to 5 months and continues to amaze all who see it. Hospital in Vancouver

"The boy with his dog." The two-year boy playing in the sand with the dog Rainey. Bryson City, USA

"Sunrise over the lake." This nun Suor Rosalba name, which means "pink sunset." The warm waters of the lake make it a great place for morning spa treatments. Lake Garda, Italy

"Water for People, Water for Life". Tajikistan, Sughd

"The Merchant of Glokenbaha." One of the most colorful characters in Munich Glokenbaha- area known for its unusual inhabitants: artisans, artists, creative people.

"The game is close to the devil." The boys play basketball in the cemetery in Navotas. Philippines

One of the strangest festivals in Japan Saidai-ji Eyo-it's a Buddhist ritual in which 9,000 people try to grab the sacred wooden rod to be "blessed man." This tradition for over 500 years and it is based on the assumption that human life is more important than the ideals of a generation, and this idea is transmitted through the centuries. Okayama, Japan

Students from the church school in Laos. Now there are so many young monks that they have become even attraction for tourists.

"Designer". Man on the market in Ooty, India

Man during a break between a game of skittles. Stardbrouk, England

"Skaters San Francisco." Photographer, stayed for 2 days in San Francisco, walked around the city on foot, to capture more moments of everyday life of citizens. This photograph was taken in the Mission District

Photographer and journalist during protests in Brazil against raising prices for travel on public transport, Campinas, Sao Paulo

"Una coin." A beggar asking alms, but no one pays attention to him. Italy, Venice

The members of the fraternity are Carretero statue of Jesus Christ in the procession preceding Easter. Seville, Spain

"Man and locusts." At the end of the day a man comes home with a full bag of locusts, which serves as a nutritious food nation for him and his semi.Madagaskar, 2013

"The Scream". San Pedro Sula- one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Honduras

"Twins (or similar to each other females) sleep in the waiting room." At the airport in Guangzhou, China two almost identically dressed women, with the same hair color and body shape (the photographer did not manage to find out whether or not they are twins) sleeping in the waiting aircraft.

"Riding in Strom." Two men riding on the longest bridge in Africa's- Third Mainland Bridge, Lagos, Nigeria

In the northwestern part of Vietnam tribes live, composed of people of various ethnic groups of the Miao to Thais. The main source of income -selskoe economy, according to tradition all work is carried out according to the lunar calendar. In their markets full of goods: from fabrics to animals, almost all products are made by hand. Unfortunately, these tribal traditions are fading

Railroad worker, announcing the next station, Tokyo

"Childhood". Vietnam

"Magic light". A woman prays in a Buddhist monastery in Helambu, Nepal

Local hunters in Pond Inlet, Canada

"I know that he will be watching with Noah from heaven." Photo of a woman who holds the hand of his father before he died. Norfolk

"Frozen". Skier at temperatures -36, Finland

When someone from the family dies, the Indian goes to the holy city of Varanasi, to burn the body of the deceased and lower bones in the river Ganges. At present the cremation process the whole family, whose members have to be shaved bald. India




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