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In this article you will learn about the five cases that cause imbued with respect to the space explorers.
Recently, we used to wonder of the space programs of technical and scientific progress and increasingly forget about the brave people challenging the stars.

Yuri Gagarin

Many of you have probably heard about Felix Baumgartner - a man who has fallen in the news around the world after a parachute jump from space. However, few have mentioned that to him this trick performed by none other than Yuri Gagarin - the first man in the world, made a space flight.

Generally, as the world's first cosmonaut, Yuri Gagarin - this is the man whom we must first remember making a list of the most exciting events in the cosmos. Or, for that matter, any other list of the most exciting events.

While the pace of the space race were incredibly high. Highly so that Yuri launched into space before the brakes were invented .... Because of this, despite the fact that the capsule Vostok ship were parachutes, the basic principle of stopping formulated as "a planet there will be on the course." And that is why at the height of 7 kilometers Yuri was automatically ejected, lest his death, together with the world's first manned spacecraft.

So he beat Baumgartner (which, by the way, he could even choose exactly when to jump him) for 8 years before the latter was born. And yet, even this is done is truly incredible stunts, Yuri, for the sake of the space program, did not talk about it. This little fact clearly shows how high the level of secrecy was then - wait, because today many people can not keep his mouth shut, even if you just ate a delicious burger. In addition, the Russian thought that the world community will enjoy more than the phrase "it landed in the descent vehicle" rather than "He jumped out of the rapidly falling cosmic bomb". What is there nuclear weapons, you! We Know that in the Soviet Union get up to such things, and the film "Red Dawn" would be about how docile Americans learn to cook breakfast with kasha and butterbrots [sic!] For the beloved Soviet masters.

By the way, it turned out later, the International Federation of Aeronautics (Federation Aeronautique Internationale - FAI) has not recognized to record the flight in which the pilot landed in his own ship. What nonsense, guys? If your records do not recognize the achievements of Yuri Gagarin, the best record in general, these should not be taken seriously!

Gordon Cooper


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