Interesting Facts About Blood

Sometimes we do not even think how many interesting and complex processes going on inside us every day. One of the important components of the human body is certainly blood. In the adult human heart pumps per day about 10,000 liters of it! I suggest you learn some interesting facts about it. 74-year-old Australian James Harrison donated blood nearly 1,000 times. In his rare blood contains antibodies to help newborns survive with severe anemia. It is estimated that thanks to his donation, managed to save more than two million babies.

Can a man live if he does not have a pulse? Maybe. This was proved by doctors who treated American Craig Lewis. It does not help even a pacemaker. As a result, the patient removed the heart and instead connect the unit, causing the blood to circulate a continuous stream. The patient remained alive, but he was no pulse and ECG was a straight line.

The Japanese believe that blood type strongly affects the character of the person. The first group attributed determination, self-confidence; the second - a closed, reliability; Third - the mind, ambition; Fourth - poise. They give it so much importance that may even deny you a job just because of the fact that you have not the blood.

Many people mistakenly believe that bullfighting cape matador bull attacks because of its annoying red. Actually, the bull distinguishes color in principle. It responds to the motion. The red color was chosen simply because the blood of a bull on it is not so noticeable.

Put your ear to a seashell and hear the sea roar, they told us in childhood. Of course, it does not sound of the sea. This ambient sounds and noises from the human body resonate in the cavity of the shell. One of the components of the noise is the flow of blood through the vessels. The same effect can be achieved simply by applying his ear bent palm.

Icy Antarctic fish are colorless blood. It has no red blood cells and hemoglobin. This particular device allows the circulatory system icefish dwell in an environment with a temperature below the freezing point of water.



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