Lada fetish for American (11 photos)

You'll see this in the American heartland, will begin to hiccup surprise incessantly. Shaggy six numbers 33rd in the region outside the quiet town somewhere in Indiana.
It turns out that there are still real men in American villages. While compatriots buy products of the American automobile industry, and drive it across the ocean in Russia, tough guys from Indiana buying VAZ 2106 is not the first freshness Vladimir and transported him home to America. Why might you ask? I do not know either. They say it's Lada fetish.

There was a guy in America named Graham Blackwood. He learned at the University of the Russian language and somehow ended up in cases in Russia. He fell in love with our country and especially our automotive industry. Most of all he liked the cars that we have disparagingly called basins. And he wanted to buy only one. Through his friend Vladimir 2 he bought $ 500 VAZ 2106 1986 release. $ 1100 went to the spare and transportation to St. Petersburg, where the six container sailed into the port of Red Hook, New York. For this, our hero put another 2 160 dollars. Rastomozhka cost an extra $ 750, of which $ 400 was worth an x-ray of the container. I understand customs, I would have stiffened the fact of importation of Lada in America. Total cost him six in 6510 US dollars.

The car is the historic homeland.

Transportation to Peter.

The container terminal of Red Hook.

Replacing a dead battery.


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