Breakfast at Tiffany's

Engagement ring from Tiffany - the dream of every girl. But since not all engaged to millionaire, then we have, for example, Holly Golightly, just admire them, melting of bliss. Let's look at the most magnificent of the rings? Some of them even have their own names - and they deserve it, right!

Reach for your sandwiches and proceed.

1. The Tiffany Setting, 32500 $

2. A ring with round diamonds and diamonds on the hoop, 34800 $

3. A ring with round diamonds and two side stones, 38,600 $

4. A ring with a round diamond framed by small diamonds, 37 000 $

5. Ring with diamond cut "emerald" 38,600 $

6. Tiffany Novo, 35000 $

7. Tiffany Legacy, 37100 $

8. Fancy Vivid, yellow diamond ring, $ 500,000 (oh my!)

9. Lucida, 33500 $

10. Ring with diamond cut "emerald" and tapered straps, 32500 $

Well, now it's small - to find a millionaire! For the rest, we are ready.

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