Many people earn their glory

What you need to do to tell you about the world? Won an Oscar for brilliantly played a role? Or maybe invent a cure for all deadly diseases? Not at all. The heroines of today's rankings have proved that not necessarily deal with all of the above to make sure that your name was on everyone's lips. Enough shooting in home porn, if you are multi-million dollar empire heiress, and if you're the star of teen comedies, it is quite enough for the scandal with marijuana.

Many people earn their glory, albeit often bad, due to disorder and scandal. About the mediocrity of some celebrities already go jokes. And they even hand as bad publicity - it's like advertising. However, for some fragile minds, they become subject to follow.

Please think carefully before taking their example.

Mischa Barton
Except for the role in the TV series "The OC" more than nothing special to remember.

Lindsay Lohan
Good role of Lohan we have not seen for years, and is now unlikely to see, but the news of her kleptomania, drug abuse and other vices are not allowed to forget about it. A pity, was a good actress.

Jessica Simpson
Career singer, as well as acting attempts this girl nothing special noteworthy. And though, unlike their colleagues in the shop, Simpson is a loose way of life, but it occasionally comes into the view of journalists because of their ridiculous statements. And who then say that jokes about blondes true?

Megan Fox
Megan Fox, though not blonde, but the cause for ridicule gives no less. On the acting abilities, or rather their absence speaks of its role. "We always find a reason to hate Megan Fox».

Pamela Anderson
Loud divorce, candid photo shoots in men's magazines - all that comes to mind at the mention of the name of Pamela Anderson. A role in "Baywatch" was so long ago that it seems to be untrue.

3rd place
Nicole Richie
The eternal friend and ally Hilton in all its "exploits". The list ends with merit. However, talking about it is not so much as in the days when she drove the car in a drunken state, and others shocked her anorexic thinness.

Paris Hilton
About Hilton said and so much. Comments are superfluous.

1st place
Kim Kardashian
Hardly a home porn by which Kardashian talking about, she was able to show outstanding acting talent. Yes, he was there and did not need it. As, however, does not need right now. Kardashian is unlikely to go down in history, but that the frequency with which her name appears persistently in the gossip columns, starts a little annoying, for which I give her first place.


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