Next to that all the actresses - laundress

Every profession has its own legend, but in the theater legends most. Stories, anecdotes and legendary personalities - this is exactly on what theater actually keeps. But two legends - or rather, two women - take on a theatrical add special place of honor. One of them - Sarah Bernhardt. The second - its eternal rival, Eleanora Duse.

About Duzey left a bit. In fact, only memories and archival footage, just a few minutes left over from a time when the cinema was still mute. It is these images enable us to understand why the legend of talent Duse lived more than a century. Eleonora Duse - one of many actresses come from an acting family - was first climbed on stage when she was 4 years old. Outplay all the significant role of his time - Shaw, Ibsen, Maeterlinck, Gorky, Shakespeare, and even in the "Lady of the Camellias" (thirty years later, this role will bring glory Greta Garbo). Her acting range was extremely wide, practically unlimited. By and large, it could play everything - from romantic roles, before the tragic and comic. Easily transformed from rural girls in the feminist, from beggar into a queen. She was beautiful, graceful and smart. But most importantly - it is self-confidence, which put her feet Chekhov, George Bernard Shaw, Gabriele D'Annunzio ... and all of Europe of the late 19th century.

She died of pneumonia while touring in the US but was buried in his native Italy. With the advent of cinema once he starred in the film - a silent film by Arturo Ambrosio "Ashes" on the novel by Grazia Deledda. There were negotiations on the participation in the film Griffith, but not developed. After she left pictures, lithographs, portraits, memories ... At the end of life Duse got on the cover of Time - she became the first woman and the first artist made the cover of the publication of this level. Other actors bowed to her: "Well, how can now be played after it ... After all, next to such an actress I'm just a laundress." - Once said Nadezhda Nikulin, Ayseydora Duncan and Marilyn Monroe also thought.

Duse owns many well-known aphorisms, but the most famous can be safely placed on the cover of any textbook acting. "I do without makeup. I apply make-up from the inside, "- that's what she said. And she lived.


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