Male laundress (9 photos)

In Mumbai, there is a known place - Dhobi Ghat (Dhobi Ghat), where men laundress, still referred to as "Dhobi" or "Dhobi-shaft", wash clothes and linens tenants hotels local hospitals.

Dhobi - a caste belonging to the Dalit (untouchable). Even the right kind of Hindu Dhobi disgusting. Laundresses services because of their cheapness is often used including luxury hotels.

Every morning, "Dhobi-shaft» (dhobiwallah) dirty linen is delivered here from all over Mumbai. He piled in huge heaps, and washed in numerous tanks - tanks, tanks - located in the laundry room.

Laundry in the Indian - employment is extremely time-consuming and requires a lot of physical strength. First Dhobi (Landry, or as they were called during the days of British rule) soaked clothes in the huge concrete tub with water and soap nuts. India has long been used detergent, but the real Landry did not notice and continued to erase the old as their grandfathers and great grandfathers.


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