Zvezny way with porn

Movie stars who now shine on the red carpet film festival, did not immediately become well-known and popular. Someone began the ascent to Olympus with a cinematic "soap operas", someone - a cheap zombie movie, well, and some are now well-known actors in the early career worked in the genre of porn. Now the former "pornushniki" are trying in every way to disguise this part of his career, but the ubiquitous bloggers are not up to snuff!

Achtung! This post contains photos of the stars in the costumes of Adam and Eve!

"I thought I'd be rich and famous like Marlon Brando!" - Because Jackie Chan justify their participation in the Chinese pornokomedii 1975 «All in the Family». However, if porn was much more conservative ....

"Rambo" does not hide the fact that at the beginning of his film career muscular body served not to mutuzit bad uncle on the screen. In 1977, he starred in "strawberry" called The Party at Kitty and Stud. Fees Sylvester Stallone for the film was just impressive - as much as $ 200.

Another "cool guy" Hollywood and in the recent past, the governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger in the mid-70s appeared in several cheap porn. Moreover, his naked body graced the pages of popular while gay magazine After Dark.

Hollywood hunk Colin Farrell also did not hesitate to "strawberries." Once the actor starred in a 13-minute sex video with his then girlfriend, star of "Playboy" Nicole Narain.

Tom Sizemore is also lit up in the movie genre XXX. Then the future star of "Saving Private Ryan" was 19 years old.

Our purely male company pornstars dilutes Cameron Diaz. More than fifteen years ago, she starred in a sadomasochistic sex-video, screenshots of which still walk on the Internet.


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