On the run

If the problem can be solved by money, it is not a problem, it costs. Jewish wisdom.

We are so jiving on Kerzhakov, that he had long shot to despair ... if I could get into his head.

If you do not know how to reduce stress, do not wear it

If a very long time to look to the south, doing nothing, then on his head grow moss

The most important thing when working with a computer - not to give him to understand that you are in a hurry

Looking at myself, I understand that the limit of perfection is still there

You slice round pizza and pack the triangles in square box. And then you want me to believe in people

Girls learn gotovit.Nevazhno for whom you get married ... it will still want to eat

Unsuccessfully parked girl did not get upset and swam to shore

Yesterday washed jeans. The result: clean jeans, a clean phone. Experience in money laundering.

Back home - his wife and her lover. I stand and think, "Why is she with my lover?"


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