Rock musician Sting from Britain conquers people with his songs and his voice. He does everything from the heart, so he is not ashamed of any of the texts written by or for the performance of their own songs. Sting - a man who is boundless talent. In English his nickname "Sting" sounds like a "thorn", now also the name of the musician and actor Gordon Sumner. It is the right choice of a pseudonym, because he really "stings" of people, getting their songs straight to the soul. I am very happy that he learned about such a man, even as recently as the early rock and jazz not really complain. Now I want to introduce you, and (if you are, of course, unfamiliar) with his work.

Future musician and actor (a single film with Sting, I, unfortunately, did not see, but I hope that everything is ahead) was born on October 2, 1951 in the port town of Newcastle upon Tyne is located in the north of England. The Englishman Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner grew up in a simple family - his mother was a hairdresser and a nurse, but the father was a fitter in one of the engineering companies. Despite the fact that the parents have chosen quite usual for our understanding of the profession, Gordon did not want to follow in the footsteps of his father and mother, especially since my mother of the future star was classically trained and was able to instill a love of music and develop a natural ability in this area at its son.

Sting worked hard, but really he was lucky only when he saw the drummer Stewart Copeland from the US. Many celebrities notice like this, so I think it was fate. Gordon (who decided to take a resounding nickname "Sting"), Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers, formed the band The Police, the major hits that probably all heard (but still solo "floating" Sting I like ...).

The group lasted 8 years, winning the love of the public, but suddenly collapsed at the peak of popularity. The reason was the desire to realize themselves in Sting's solo career. It should be noted that he did it because he had written many compositions are considered the best in Britain and one of the best in the world.

My favorite song by Sting Shape of my Heart was the soundtrack to the movie "Leon" with Natalie Portman. When viewing pleasantly surprised that at the end of this music sounds. The film and the song very deeply moved me and I just cried bitterly.

Shape of my Heart in the record ...

And in live performance ...

A few favorite songs Sting me, which I hope will like and you.

Englishman In New York

Desert Rose


Sting not only honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his achievements and contributions to the field of music, but also to build a strong family happiness. Now Sting lives with his civil wife Trudie Styler, Sting is older by several years, and is raising six children.
My main achievement is my six children, happy and healthy. Compared to this, everything else seems to be not so significant.

His music is called "rich food for the mind and heart and a real treat for gourmets rock", and he himself styled it as "an exemplary family man." In the life of this man so good and he does what pleases the millions - is this not happiness?

Sting came several times in Russia, and even visited the "Olivier-show" in the "New Year's Eve" in 2011 at the First Channel.


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