A day in the life of attack aircraft (20 photos)

April 3, 2009 Photographer superfanat and "Star Wars" Stephane Le Du posted online, seemingly innocent photo Assault, fleeing from the giant Darth Vader. After 367 days (a couple of days he missed in January 2010) has been completed its project "Stormtroopers 365". His album has become very popular, gaining millions of views and loyal followers, who came every day to the site to check on your favorite stormtroopers. Creative idea was terrific, and Stefan managed to come up with an incredible number of scenarios for the famed duo (by the way, the name of stormtroopers TK455 and TK479).

1. The droids we're looking for. (Stéfan Le Dû)

2. Downloading the metal in the microwave. (Stéfan Le Dû)

3. Assault cube. (Stéfan Le Dû)

4. red card. (Stéfan Le Dû)

5. suspects. (Stéfan Le Dû)

6. Again dryhnesh !? (Stéfan Le Dû)


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