Tila Blondeau

My post I would like to dedicate the theme of which had once written, because today it is one of the most exciting and talked about on the Internet. It is connected with the children working in the fashion industry. The last time, we found that it seems to us, is nothing abnormal in children, adults work there. Therefore, in the West have raised unwarranted hype because of the pictures, alleged a subtext. On one of the girls removed for application to the French Vogue, we will lead it.

Well, Tilonia Blondeau stunningly beautiful for its 10 years. Besides its pictures are very expressive and can not attract attention, perhaps only individuals deprived of their sense of beauty (forgive me my categorical).

You look at her very young face, and even unconsciously recollect early pictures of Brigitte Bardot, flirty Lara Stone or Lou Doillon charming, before she is beautiful!

Surely, with such external data she had no end of proposals in the shooting. The same is said and countless photos, which are freely available on the Internet. Judging by everything, the girl everything is great: wonderful appearance, the work, which can only dream of a girl twice her age, contracts, money - in short, all the things that we never dreamed of.

So, what worried Western fashion fans? And they are concerned about some of the pictures that introduce them to a screeching halt and cause endless migraines. "How can you - they write - to dress up a 10-year-old child in adult evening gowns, make a bright make-up that does not every woman will allow shod in stiletto heels, studded with diamonds and emeralds?" In general, quite there with the gone mad in this gloss.

But the greatest response was this image that has already been dubbed as the photo for perverts and pedophiles; editor, photographer and parents - crazy, and 10-year-old Frenchwoman - a victim.

Fierce commentators trying to distance itself from such fashion and promise never to connect the life with the French Vogue. Such is their protest.

Well, the irony of irony, but I kind of agree with furious commentators. I do not mind that children appeared on magazine covers and interior pages. I, for example, liked Chloe Moritz, Haley Stenfeld and Elle Fanning on the cover of Love.

I, in general, crazy shots Tila. When I see a charming girl - I like it when I see - 10-year-old woman - I do not like. Everything has its limits. And pictures in which the child "sexualized" scare me. It is not normal and really smacks of pedophilia. I do not know who can admire pictures with naked children. More precisely, I know, but yesterday these people were imprisoned, and today it is called fashion photography. Do not you think it strange?

P.S. Once risen the hype around the little images of the French model (this topic is even lit in the morning show Good Morning America), mother of Tila urgently remove blog on tumblr and facebook page to his minor daughter.

Photo: tumblr.com


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