Brothers Kaulitz

They have created for themselves. Bill and Tom Kaulitz - twins, who have found themselves in the music and in the hearts of millions of girls, now almost do not appear in public, pulling fans grandiose promises of imminent return. They are all 21, but they have already reached the peak of its popularity. Remember that same award "Muz-TV", which first appeared a group «Tokio Hotel»? It was something incredible. Now, unfortunately, this is not observed, but still loves and adores a lot of girls and a few boys) But where do all began and how the brothers were able to break into show business, not having behind nearly a penny?

Twin brothers Bill and Tom, were born in Leipzig, know firsthand what the parents' divorce. Their mother and father Jörg Simon parted once knocked twins 7 years. Of course, in this age, as the eldest, Tom and Bill, Jr. understood everything perfectly and it was very hard to take the parents' divorce and re-marriage of his mother after 2 years. But Bill and Tom have decided that we need to continue to live on and pay no attention to what is happening around and, in fact, does not harm anyone.

In 2001, they founded the group «Devilish» with friends Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing, which was later renamed to today's «Tokio Hotel». About one young group would never have found if not for the charming Bill that two years after the founding group wanted to participate in the show «Star Search»:

Performance with the unusual sight and at that time, even outrageous little boy impressed the producer Peter Hoffman, who turned out to be a fairy for a group of «Tokio Hotel». In practice, a few months they recorded a few songs and began to gain popularity, which today for their fans is unlimited. By the way, on the competition bill only reached the quarterfinals.

Talking about the band's history, I am bringing you to smoothly childhood and youth group leaders - Bill and Tom. From early childhood, they are not like everyone and their shocking images taken with no rhyme or reason as many of the "solutions frikovskie" individual performers. They were so nearly always.

That's what was once Bill Kaulitz:

Full name: Bill Kaulitz-Tryumper
Date of Birth: September 1, 1989
Age: 21 year
Hometown: Leipzig (Germany)
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 52 kilograms
Hair color: black (on the nature of dark brown)
Eye color: brown
Favorite food: pizza, pasta and all vegetarian
Favorite drink: Coca-Cola, strawberry milk tea with peppermint
Family: Mom - Simon (seamstress)
The biological father - Jorg Kaulitz (Long)
Stepfather - Gordon Tryumper (musician)
Favorite artists: Green Day, Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Bonaparte, Aerosmith, Kings Of Leon

But this Tom:

Full name: Tom Kaulitz-Tryumper
Date of Birth: September 1, 1989
Age: 21 year
Hometown: Leipzig (Germany)
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Hair color: dark brown
Eye color: brown
Favorite food: pizza, pasta with tomato sauce and all vegetarian (how Bill vegetarian)
Favorite drink: Coca-Cola, strawberry milk
Favorite performers: Aerosmith, as well as hip-hop performers

To be honest, they have not changed since then. At least, in contrast to the same freak diva Lady Gaga, who before his starry hour was completely different.


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