Photos of Bill and Tom Kaulitz

The twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz have long disappeared from our sight. It seems that they have completed a career, but a group of «Tokio Hotel» broke ... But if everything is so prosaic it was not Bill and Tom with their huge army of fans. In fact, it's not that. Next month a new album the guys (it is rumored in April), and before you know and tour around the corner. In addition, in December last year, the application started «BTK: Personal Messenger», which often are new photos of the brothers and their little notes on the events happening around them, so the fans do not lose the invisible connection with their idols. BTK - this little thing like Twitter, the truth behind her download need to pay about $ 100. Nominal charge, but how positive emotions for true fans 22-year-old twins and their group! "Dastish fantastish!" - Shouted the girl, and I in turn say that the quality of the photo could have been better. Buy a normal camera, gentlemen, for you because people look ... So, we can only look at the blond Bill pumped Tom and their new tattoo (for those who have not seen). Probably soon be a better photo quality with new performances and public appearances. Well Kaulitz is clearly not enough attention to the old fans and they said they are ready for a triumphant return. Coming soon ...


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