Miroslava Karpovich

About the actress Miroslava Karpovich can say that on the morning after the TV series "Daddy's Girls", she woke up famous.

Miroslav was born and raised in Ukraine, education has received in Russia, ending the Moscow Art Theater School, after which he received just two theatrical awards - for best young actress of theater schools among students for work in the play "Hit of the Season" and for Best Actress in a play Do You.

As a child, Miroslav was, in her words, partisan - climbed trees, catching fish with the boys and built a house in the trees. By the way, the parents wanted to name her daughter Marie or Maria Mirabella, Miroslava, but chose Miroslava.

The girl knows five languages ​​except Russian and Ukrainian native, also English, French, Italian.

In the future, dreams of becoming a director and study psychology.

Her idols in the movie are Chulpan Hamatova, Inna Churikova, Galina Tyunina and Nikita Mikhalkov, whose films Miroslav calls textbooks.

In his spare time actress loves rollerblading and skiing, visiting exhibitions, cinema and theater, sometimes walks with her sister to the dance.

This year, Miroslav pleased with the male part of the fans, starring in a candid photoshoot for the magazine Maxim.

Incidentally, the actress said that her photos were not subjected to Photoshop.
I can not keep your figure - says Miroslav, -Just a lot of work, little sleep, I give crosses in Moscow and even in the day, if it is, try to devote himself to vigorous activity. I do not like calm.

In March this year, fashion brand shoes and accessories Centro chose Karpovich face months.

I agreed to become the face of Centro, because I love eksperimentirovat.Miroslava appeared in a variety of images - whimsical housewives, students daring, plastic dancer.


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