The role is not for you

It is said that a good actor should be able to try on a million people - that is, to be able to depict and tragedy and comedy and erotica. But IMHO, in practice this is not possible. If before the actors were able to play in different genres, the modern actors significantly lose their professionalism. If, for example, the actor knows how to make people laugh in comedies - that's good. But most of today's movie stars live on the principle of pay - is removed. And the fact that the viewer then yells in Stanislawski "Do not believe it!" - Another matter, because the fee had in his pocket ...

In general, I will not rant a lot, and introduce you to a selection of the best roles of famous actors, who, in my opinion, it is not suited for these roles

Nicolas Cage in "crazy driving". Previously, Cage starred in the masterpieces now floated all bullshit. I thought that after the "Ghost Rider" to the theme of the otherworldly boom is over, but no. Nicolas as a fugitive from hell the guy who rides a steep wheelbarrow, spiers and waitresses udelyvaet bunch of bad guys. Trash? Trash in the best shape, but expensive and with more or less well-known actors

"Drive Angry" barely "repulsed" its budget and I'm not surprised. I heard that Cage's debts, so he agrees to act in any heresy. In the same film, Cage does not show a tenth of his acting ability, not even "playing the face." As if the audience says, "I understand that crap, but very hotstsa eat ....»

Natalie Portman in "No Strings Attached." The idea of ​​the film is not bad, and the performance of other actors at the height, but I'm used to seeing Natalie in more serious projects. Agree, after the "Black Swan" as it is not seen in the romantic comedy Natalie. In this role would fit good Katherine Heigl and Leslie Mann - paired with comedian Kutcher they would look organically. Although ... it is my perception

I hope that Gerard Butler starred in the comedy "The Naked Truth" and "The hunt for the former" solely for the fees, because otherwise I was very disappointed in it. He does not "roll" Gerard comedy, he does not have the talent to make people laugh. It is only good in an epic movie. "Zis from Spartaaaaaa!»

It is not like the movie "Friends with Benefits". I do not understand how, in general, these worthy artists like Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis brought to this project. It went on the level of "American Pie", but presented as romantic. The moment where the characters Justin and Mila are trying to perform oral sex, almost made me puke. Whether the world is going the wrong way, if that allowed the big screen, and I'm kind of not so))))

There is such a thing, "pink snot." Pink nozzles can be in the books, the movies, the status vkontakte - yes, in general, they are everywhere. In the comedy "Bride Wars," most of these snot are mixed - a dozen such projects enough. When I watched this movie, I thought: Are Americans really so stupid (as Zadornov said), so that the steam due to the wedding ceremony ??? Kate Hudson was there on the spot, but Anne Hathaway is not impressed. It is not its role.

Always liked Paul Bettany as an actor and as a type of men))) But e-my, how much can appear in different heresies? Paul believes that the priests to kick the bad guys in the name of the Lord, as in "Legion" and "shepherd" - it's cool?


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