Celebrities and eyebrows

Makeup experts unanimously repeat that wrong decorated eyebrows can change dramatically expression. I can believe: she once was a victim of "brovyanogo" (the word is-what!) Perfidy: plucked a few extra hairs, looked at himself in the mirror and did not recognize). Celebrities are not immune from such cases. Seemingly unsuccessful brow shape can always be corrected with a pencil. But some hands are not worth this.

Christina Aguilera had to raise the eyebrow line is even higher, up to hair fetched)


At Katie Price seemed to have normal thin eyebrows. Why did she namazyukala their top purple pencil - a mystery


It also had to endure eyebrows "at the root", then to cherkanut curve strip marker pen? However, this is Lady Gaga


Lil 'Kim pretty too far to long. It was necessary to bring to the ears, which is already there)


Thick eyebrows a la Uncle Au is not quite in harmony with the elegant appearance of Dita Von Teese


Surely, Pamela Anderson made this a make a big hangover. Yes, and in the middle of the eyebrow pencil ended


Such ladies say: see at night - no leg with an ax. It's not only his eyebrows, everything wash the hell not. But Jackie Stallone extravagant (American teleastrolog Sly and the mother) happy with their image


"Hardly a soul in the body" - such associations makes me this way Cyndi Lauper. Madame and not so young, and the old woman's eyebrows she added another dozen


Well really have Fergie was not possible to sketch the "bald" eyebrows ??? They spoil the perfect make-up


But Lourdes Leon eyebrows need a good weeding, and that worthless young girl, and even Madonna's daughter, remind the Georgian genatsvali


Too induced absence of eyebrows and eyeliner on the eyes give the face of Priscilla Presley sickly


Singer Yves prisobachit huge eyelashes, but eyebrow pencil saved. As a result, it has become like a Pekingese


Anne Hathaway specific appearance does not forgive experiments eyebrows. It should be a little bit wrong with the thickness - and the actress is already like a clown


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