Korean models

Continuing the theme of Asian male models. I suggest to get acquainted with Korean celebrities who made a good start in the modeling business - for every taste))).

So Ji-sub - actor, musician, model, athlete. In this sense, Korea from Japan is not far behind - Asian guys all have time, not only in the fashion industry, but also in other "creative nivah» :)

Bi Rain (real name - Jeon Ji Hoon) - singer, dancer, actor and model. Full comprehensive development)

Choi Jin Ho. He worked with several companies: DKNY (underwear), Johnnie Walker, Palm Beach Hotel, as well as starred on the cover of the magazine «Men's Health». In general, advertising underwear in his photo shoots prevails.

Won Bin - one of the main heroes of the Asian youth.

I love to tie a shirt with the sleeves rolled up! ^ _ ^

Kang Dong Won - another representative acting and modeling activities. And also very good-looking, in my opinion: a photo session does not look like a doll nashtukaturennaya.

Kim Jae Wook - the guy that combines work as a model and acting. In addition to the beautiful appearance is, it has some kind of spark. Definitely good.

It is no coincidence, I said that the model for every taste. To some it may seem Lee Soo-hyuk is not handsome, but as a model it is very atypical. Immediately stands out among the others, and for some reason I had a thought: "Yes, this guy is talented!" It would seem that there must be a lot of spin on camera. But I think in the modeling industry, where a lot of stencil girls and boys - it bright personality.

Our views with "Vogue" match :)

And here's Kim Jae Wook and Lee Soo-hyuk together at an event.

Lee Min Ho - another Korean idol decorating magazines. By the way, Lee Min Ho wanted to be a footballer, but due to an injury in an elementary school had to say goodbye to this desire.

And finally - Korean models living in other countries.
Marco Benjamin Lee was born in Argentina. Already there was only a Korean surname.

Daniel Henney. His father - British Korean mother - Korean American. Made man, by the way, international fame. Beautiful, what else to say.

And in advertising campaigns are often involved too.


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