Plantbook is a computer charging in a glass of water

Every day, week and month, we can contemplate another new product with a solar battery, reduced power consumption or housing made of materials recycled. This amazing trend, though somewhat promotional tone, but overall very positive. But what if you go through the environmental security of laptops?

Korean engineers and designers headed by Seiji Beck and Haerim Kim has recently developed a new concept of environmentally friendly Plantbook laptop. The strange title of the gadget ("plant book") appeared by chance, because originally, the creators were inspired by the technology growth and development of conventional bamboo. Charging the battery new Plantbook is similar to absorbing water by the shoots of bamboo.

The device is a very simple design, which consists of a cylinder (it is the power supply and utnyttelse), and the cylinder connected to the ultra-thin display and keyboard. Incidentally, they are made from soft materials, so the laptop at first glance may resemble a paper folder.

The energy, which the battery is charging, occurs by means of electrolysis, and very elegant. Cylindrical the computer's power supply is removed and placed in a glass of water like a flower. Water tank inside the cylinder fills with water and begins the process of energy production. Another curious detail of the laptop is small cords, green for side and reminiscent of a solitary leaf. As the battery charge it is more and more is highlighted in green. In addition, this rope can serve as a simple for easy transportation of the gadget.

As mentioned earlier, energy for Plantbook is produced by electrolysis. That is, by an electrical action, the water splits into oxygen and hydrogen. Hydrogen is used to charge the battery, and the oxygen is released into the air. Thus, Korea has introduced the world's first concept laptop, which is not just environmentally friendly, but actually flows into the ecosystem like a flower or tree.

It is not known when these computers can be purchased for personal use, but the positive news is that these incredible technologies have become feasible, and it's not just fiction books. While this concept is just a symbol that we are moving in good time, in a good world, where people, nature and technology can become a part of a large and diverse ecosystem.


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